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Merrimack County Savings Bank
VP-Residential Lending Sales Manager was asked...25 October 2021

1) The customer experience is extremely important to the bank. How do you handle situations with customers and give examples of your customer service in previous jobs. 2) Are you able to wear multiple hats in the role? Are you ok doing tasks that may be outside of the normal job duties? Flexible? Team player? 3) Are you ok saying no?

1 Answers

I gave examples of my customer service experience and reviewed past customers have given about working with me. I also gave examples of dealing with difficult situations and demonstrating reassurance and finding solutions that work for everyone. I'm always ok saying no. No is a learning and growth opportunity for going forward. Doesn't necessarily mean can't happen, means there are some additional steps or processes needed to go forward. Less

United Nations FCU

Explain your background and professional experience, and how it relates to the job description.

1 Answers

Explained all my background and how it related to the position.

Fairwinds Credit Union

How do I handle staff that are not meeting performance goals?

1 Answers

Sit the staff down individually and ask if they are experiencing any hang ups that are preventing them from meeting their goals. If the staff is just incompetent, I would figure out what training they need to start meeting performance expectations Less

BMO Financial Group

HR will be asking for salary requirements before you get to meet with the hiring manager.

1 Answers

I think I answered too high and thus was not selected to proceed.. I should have tabled my answer or asked them to provide a salary range. Less


How would I describe my leadership style

1 Answers

Firm but fair

Wells Fargo

All question were asked in demanding tone, refused to repeat the question.

1 Answers

I had to stop the interview, felt uncomfortable with his attitude and almost forced to turn it down Less

ME Bank

How would you manage the ongoing supply of business?

St.George Bank

What is your current target, how many applications a day do you submit, can you work under pressure

Firefighters First Credit Union

With an understanding of Firefighters First Credit Union, their mission and field of membership, how would you develop, innovate and grow this department to better serve the members?

Wells Fargo

Tell me a time you had a difficult customer, how did you handle it and what was the outcome

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