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TSA (Transportation Security Administration)
Lead Transportation Security Officer was asked...20 February 2014

None; all related to job functions and pay.

2 Answers

The hiring process is meant to hire; not single out candidates. You can take the test until you pass. Your skills are what is needed. You can be trained on everything else. Highly Technical job. A degree will not help you pass this test or be more effective than anyone else. Less

You can only take the test 2times if you fail you will never be allowed to take it again Less

SOS Security

Are you interested in starting at our highest security clearance rated building?

1 Answers


Virtela Technology Services

All technical question of Firewall , URL Filter, routing technologies.

1 Answers

They will ask you on the basis of products you specified and technologies you worked on. Less

Eye Care Leaders

Simple formal discussion to know each other and company. Its not Q&A type interview

1 Answers

About my job role, experiences, technologies I worked.


When there was (surprised) silence on my part at the low salary offered, (which I have learned they are expectant of and, have a rehearsed pitch ready for) I was told/asked is not cost of living (i.e. rent/food) one's highest expenditures? Well, could I argue with the low salary if I was assured it would cost almost nothing for rent or food? (Both basically company subsidized.)

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I didn't have a come back because, I didn't know at the time of course that this was basically a lie. That unfortunately would have to be found out once I moved/relocated there, making it difficult to quickly leave. (Travel expenses are NOT given for those hired out of state.) Less

Allied Universal

How Many years Experiences working In The Fiels as Security Officer ?

1 Answers

Answer: Over 10 Years in the Fiels .

Rocky Gap Casino, Resort & Golf

Asked about my job history

1 Answers

Very detailed of what I had been doing the last 25 yrs

Caesars Entertainment

If I aspired to stay with the company and advance over time

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Reinsurance Group of America

How would you work with a development team to mitigate risk?

1 Answers

In person, face to face.

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