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Why Salesforce?

1 Answer

Because I believe Salesforce will allow me to be my true and best professional self and not a dulled version of it that is not recognised or heard within the organisation.

What are the potential issues or limitations when migrating from Hibernate to JPA?

My thought process in deciding on a type of database

- find a loop in a single linked list - several other data structure questions

Describe a solution you designed for a complex product problem. What was your role? What were the challenges and how did you over come them?

Industry standard... Competency based and situational. Some departments would do practical testing too

Given an array of integers ranging from one to a million, but with one number missing - can you find it? Can you now find it in a more performant manner? Can you describe the performance of both solutions?

Regarding management, team leading, project management, questions were very generic and 100% asking candidate to provide some "case from your experience". You can easily make up stuff if you want to.

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