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Lead Consultant Developer was asked...1 December 2022

Nothing special, each round had relevant questions in their respective areas.


The Python coding question was about assigning tasks to different workers based on specific attributes of the task and of the workers and one had to make sure the assignment was balanced.


How do you handle conflict within a team?


"Why" is NodeJs single threaded?


What's your favourite design pattern and why?


How do you provide low response times while using microservices?

Street Group

What do you know about street group?

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With information from their website.


Q: What is the difference between forward and reverse proxy ? Q: How do you see yourself in 5 years time ?


Some C, C++ technical questions. What other languages you know. Questions around the recent projects I have worked. Some situational handling questions

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Be cool and answer honestly. Take your time, think and answer.


Some technical questions from C & C++ Questions related to the project work experience, and few scenario based questions and your achievements ,

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Be cool and be honest while answering . Take your time , think and answer

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