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GREE International Entertainment
Lead 3D Environment Artist was asked...15 August 2013

Only the producer had actually looked at my portfolio AT ALL--ridiculous--so it necessitated hand-holding them through the material. The facility TD also asked technical details on work that was more than 5 years old--not details for things like how something was created, but odd specifics like why are certain wireframes green and why are others purple. (this was grouping info for the game engine, but beyond that I couldn't remember what else it may have been used for

1 Answers

annoying hand-holding through my entire portfoilio

Advertising Outsourcing Services

When can you start?

1 Answers

In two weeks!


Es-tu un directeur artistique qui ne fait que de la gestion de ressources et de projets ?

1 Answers

Je m'occupe également de la création, au niveau de l'idéation et de la réalisation. Je suis hands-on et également gestionnaire : marier la vision du détail et la vision d'ensemble est un mouvement essentiel de la pensée dans mon métier. Less

Pole To Win

Review another applicants art tests, as an art test.

1 Answers

Provided critique, paintovers and giving guidance.

Pocket Gems

Standard questions. Behavioral + small coding test

1 Answers

In a way that described my experience and skillset appropriately

Prodigy Education

They showed me a picture of the splash screen to their game and I was asked to give my opinions on how I can improve it.

1 Answers

I gave all of my answers to improve it.


What is your favourite Codemasters game.

1 Answers

My all time favourite has to be TOCA Race Driver on the original Xbox. I played that game so much online. Less


How can we better prepare things for you so you know how we'll contact you?

1 Answers

Again, it was a simple mistake, because the previous 2 times, you called me and this time you wanted me to contact you through a video call. I'll rely less on my expectations next time, so can we talk about the role instead, please? Less

Streamline Studios

Experience in PBR and AAA title games.

1 Answers

Yes in both.


"What is your favorite game?"

1 Answers

Guild Wars!

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