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Junior Staff Accountant was asked...1 June 2019

why do you choose the audit?

2 Answers

Why do you want to work for BDO

- I choose audit because I can learn and teach something new everyday. I can grow up as Accountant by searching mistakes in the accounts of Balances and interview with others accountants. Less

Human Resource Development Services

How would I handle a frustrated customer?

1 Answers

Customer always right and comes first

Lighthouse Insurance Group

What are your career goals?

1 Answers

Indicated I wanted a stable accountant position, not a management role at this time, and was ridiculed for not having any ambition. Less

Callahan & Associates

Excel Skills Accounting knowledge - A/P, A/R, Expense reports etc

1 Answers

State your level - beginner/intermediate/advanced including particular functions you can use Less


How do you handle time pressured tasks or assignments

1 Answers

You do what you have to do to get it done.

Colony Capital

Most of the questions were related to my prior work experience.

1 Answers

I described my prior internship and my responsibilities.


What is your dream job, if you can choose anything?

1 Answers

I don't think the job has been created yet.


How would you go about solving a complex problem that you didn't know how to do?

1 Answers

First, do a research of what are the points that make up the conflict overall. Then how those issues affect the company. Finally, what options you have for solving the problem and which solution will benefit the most. Less

Zodiac Inflight Innovations

With the HR Staff: Tell me about when you worked on a difficult situation. How would you describe your excel skills? During the in-person interview: What was the most difficult project that you took in? Tell me about a time when you persuaded someone. Write step-by-step the journal entries in an inventory cycle.

1 Answers

Be proactive, patient, and prepared! Good luck!

Skyline Construction

If there is something that you do not know, what is your process for finding the answer.

1 Answers

First thing I always do is to look at what we have done in the past. I reference these sources and see how we handled various situations but then also analyze it to make sure that it still makes sense for what we are doing today. After I do my research and my due diligence, if I am still am uncertain, I will then go to my Senior for guidance. Less

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