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Pernod Ricard
Business Development Junior Manager was asked...25 April 2017

Savez-vous faire preuve d'autonomie

1 Answers

Oui, lors de mes précédentes missions, je demandais uniquement l'objectif, et je m'organisais de manière autonome pour y parvenir. Je demandais uniquement de l'aide pour: plus d'informations, aspects techniques, vécu du manager Less


You have two buckets of water (5l and 3l). How do you get to 4l without any measuring tools but endless water?

1 Answers

Hi this isnt an answer to the question but I actually had a question of my own. I am about to interview for the same role tomorrow in Melbourne and freaking out is an understatement. Some posts on here say that they ask you to sell them a pen or a phone...was that asked of you during the interview? Any extra info you could give me would really mean alot! Less


Wat zou u doen in de volgende situatie: uw consultant is na 2 maanden ontevreden op zijn project, maar de klant wil zo liefst mogelijk dat de consultant 6 maanden op project blijft. Hoe reageert u?

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Probeer een pragmatisch antwoord te formuleren.

deVere Group

Describe a situation in which you coped well under pressure

1 Answers

I just describe group work experience I've had


Expliquer ce que chaque expérience m’a apporté.


Why are you interested in sales? Why do you want to join Medigo? Can you provide an example where you overcame an objection? How did you react?


The interviews held during the recruiting day were focused on various aspects and included personality-based questions, case studies, brain teasers, and questions more related to the job role itself.


Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership. Describe a situation where you had to make a quick decision with limited information.

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