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Financial Times
Journalist was asked...10 November 2022

Tell us about a project you're most proud of

The Boston Globe

Why do you want to work at Boston Globe


Why do you want to work here? Why did you become a journalist? Tell me about a story you are most proud of?

Fuerza Strategy Group

He asked about any relevant experience.

1 Answers

I talked about my experiences that seemed to most closely match the skills he was asking about. Less


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

The E.W. Scripps Company

-How do you find stories. -What do you think is going too be the most difficult part of staring here. -What are the steps you take in your editing process.

2 Answers

-By immersing myself in the community, -Getting the community to trust me. -Go through my b-roll, cut my interview, write for my tracking, place my b-roll, record my tracking, add extra natural sound to add depth to my story. Less

I am a natural born Go getter, investigating detective who is not a word of mouth person but a person who is where the action is going! If something is going on I’m there so I don’t have any problem with getting the scoop especially when I’m there for the scoop! My biggest challenge, and probably the most difficult is going to be the ability to answer every request. Every question thats resqusted is going to be answered in the short period of time given the steps that I take as far as editing I write down all the facts and instead of eliminating facts I kind of bundle it up to get to the point whatever’s left in the word mix is left! Less

Nan Tien Institute

They asked about my experience in the field of work.

S & P Global
Journalist was asked...9 September 2022

basic conversational questions aimed at gauging behavioral style

When can you start sending copy?

1 Answers

I told him I could start the following week.


Why do you want to work in CNA? Why not Straits Times?

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