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Working with a team of other candidates within the group task

1 Answer

Hard to work with and communicate with other candidates as only just met with limited time and the pressure to submit a good answer. I felt the others were looking to put themselves over more so than presenting a good answer and presentation, this was detrimental and would not work in the real world.

Relating to HCAP aix

1 Answer

We were split into groups and given a 'survival scenario' eg. A ship is sinking and you can only save so many people, how do you decide

1 Answer

We were given a piece a paper divided into 4 and asked to draw 'how people see me', 'how I see myself', 'how I want to be remembered' and 'my achievements'. then we had to present our drawings to the group.

1 Answer

Name your top 3 strengths

1 Answer

Why do you want to join the accelerate team

1 Answer

What are the core values?

1 Answer

Basic stuff - time you showed leadership etc. Nothing tricky

General interview questions, what is your biggest weakness, three greatest strengths, tell me about a time you made a mistake at work, why version 1 and which of our values represents you the best.

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