Senior account executive Interview Questions in Ireland |

Senior account executive Interview Questions in Ireland


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What do you know about LinkedIn? What do you know about the role you have applied for?

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The fact that you have to advertise in such an unethical way tells a lot about you platform

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What do you want from working for Salesforce

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Say one Oracle competitor.

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Conducted a mock discovery on a potential prospect A number of scenario and sales methodology questions All relevant to the role.

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We are concerned that you maybe too entrepreneurial for us, can you help alleviate those concerns?

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Why are you leaving your current role if you are successful?

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Tell us an example of when you were at risk of not reaching your goals, and what did you do?

basic questions. they really want to check very well if you are a fit and that you are motivated. The cultural screening is very important!

Nothing difficult about the interview process, it was a complete pleasure from start to finish.

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