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Relationship Banker was asked...8 August 2022

Something along the lines of “Can you describe a time where you had to be honest?”

Bank of America

Why do you want to work with Bank of America?

Bank of America

Are any languages spoken? If yes rate yourself


Explain a time you had a difficult customer , explain the situation and how you handled it.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

How can you add value to the branch?

1 Answers

Exceptional customer service that is impactful and can help build long-lasting relationships. Less

Wells Fargo

What Experience you have in small business?


What is your experience with cash handling? Why are you leaving your current employer? What are your salary expectations? Why are you interested in Truist?

Idaho Central Credit Union

What is a time you had a difficult coworker and how did you respond?

Bank of America

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Bank of America

They were standard questions about your experiences and where you see yourself going in the company, etc.

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