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Production Support Engineer was asked...20 August 2014

You have two water buckets: the first can hold 3 gallons of water and the second can hold 5 gallons of water, how do you fill the 5 gallon bucket with exactly 4 gallons of water using these two buckets (the 3 gallon and 5 gallon bucket)?

4 Answers

Easiest way: * Fill the 5 gallon bucket with water. * Pour out 3 gallons into the 3 gallon bucket, now there are 2 gallons of water in the 5 gallon bucket. * Empty the 3 gallon bucket. * Pour the remaining 2 gallons of water in the 5 gallon bucket into the 3 gallon bucket. * Refill the 5 gallon bucket with water again. * Fill the 3 gallon bucket with the 5 gallon bucket until full, 1 gallon will be removed from the 5 gallon bucket and thus you have 4 gallons of water in the 5 gallon bucket. Less

There is another way of doing it. Take a full 3 gallon bucket and pour into the empty 5 gallon bucket. Take another full 3 gallon and pour it into the 5 gallon bucket until it gets full. Now there will be one gallon in the 3 gallon bucket. Now empty the 5 gallon bucket and pour the remaining one gallon from the 3 gallon bucket into the empty 5 gallon bucket. Now pour full 3 gallon bucket into the 5 gallon bucket.You will get 4 gallons in the 5 gallon bucket. Less

Fill both buckets half way

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What are different types of courses

1 Answers

Ref curser and


What is Azure? Sign in Join Whizlabs Blog Blog Microsoft Azure Top 50 Azure Interview Questions and Answers Azure Interview Questions Top 50 Azure Interview Questions and Answers [LATEST] By Neeru Jain - January 3, 2019 MICROSOFT AZURE Preparing for an Azure interview? Give your preparation a new edge with these frequently-asked Microsoft Azure interview questions that we have brought with the detailed answers! Azure is one of the leading cloud providers thriving with its prompt service worldwide. Microsoft Azure is a dominating service provider with a market share of 20.3% which is in regular terms to hire professionals. With 70 and above offering of compliance and 120,000 subscribers per month, it has ranked as the 2nd most dominating cloud service provider. In this blog, we have compiled some of the common Azure interview questions that are most acceptable to understand all the basic and critical aspects to crack the interview. We present here the most frequently asked 50 questions with their appropriate answers that will enable you to crack the interview. AZ-100 Online Course Basic Azure Interview Questions and Answers Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced, you may be asked some basic and fundamental questions during the interview. So, let’s start with the following basic Azure interview questions and answers and find out more about the type and patterns of interview questions. 1. What is meant by Microsoft Azure and Azure diagnostic?

1 Answers

Answer: This is one of the most basic Azure cloud interview questions asked very often. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing interface that is implemented by Microsoft so as to get benefited from the cloud computing. Azure diagnostics is an API based system that collects the data to diagnose the application which is constantly running. It tunes with the verbose monitoring by enabling roles of the cloud services. Less


Which ticketing tools you are working on.

1 Answers

I told I am working on service now

Bank of America

What do you know about Hadoop systems

1 Answers

I responded with the basic knowledge I gained while studying YouTube

Persistent Systems

what is the difference between awk and sed?

1 Answers

both are filter commands with similar features but Awk will add value while you need a program /logic / condition in between the command for e.g awk 'BEGIN { if $a eq 5 then print $@ else print 0 fi }' Less


Unix, SQL

1 Answers

Very Well


telephonic Interview?

1 Answers

Repeat the sentence, framing of Questions and a small extempore speech

Tata Consultancy Services

Some basic java concepts and was asked to write a small algorithm as well.

1 Answers

Answered the basic questions and wrote the algorithm.


Explain about the monitoring tools you use in your current project..

1 Answers

Sitescope, Nagios

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