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People Analyst was asked...13 June 2010

how many basketball can you fit in this room

29 Answers

The correct answer is 1. You only said "basketball" in the question.

Google it.

Two. Two basketballs will fit in nicely in the room. Or five. Or 10. Or three. All are valid responses. The question doesn't ask what is the maximum number of basketballs that could fit in the room. Less

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In-N-Out Burger

If you could have you ideal dream job, what would it be?

5 Answers

To have unlimited food access for free, have insight daycare and huge lounge area for breaks and 💯benefits with vacations paid for 1month out of year. Have incentives for keeping moral up. Recognition of work ethics and teamwork. Pay raises more than 4x a year. Other incentives to keep me at whatever company I’m working for. Less

I have a few but a registered nurse is the first

C d. Trr dp des ttx olt,yxlp,lr(ʘᗩʘ’)

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behavioral questions – tell me when you faced a situation when

3 Answers

It comes

I don't know

Every time i have to face a new situations And i always prepared for it


Describe your previous experience that you feel is relevant to this role.

3 Answers

I am very interested in your company

I am jobless and needed a job

You have shown me love like no other

One Acre Fund

How have your experiences shaped your ability to work and lead a team?

3 Answers

In my experience as [sic], I have managed a team of students tasked with producing content which will be read by thousands of readers in Academia. This experience has enabled me to gain a better understanding as to how to entice cooperation and teamwork and ensure deadlines are met. Additionally, my experience has taught that treating team members as equals and avoiding a vertical ladder approach is beneficial for fostering a productive environment. Less

I have led multi-disciplinary team of technical officers, finance and volunteers in managing child sponsorship fund with annual budget of 1000000 USD. The program needs to work with government partners, manage budget, issues and lead people. It has many many deadlines, meeting reporting requirements, review meetings, hosting gusts etc. Less

I have a lot of experience with farmers. I worked with them in Kayanza and Kirundi. I work without problem with them. in those which concerns the work in the team or the peopletion of a work in team I am well equipped because in SFL I organize events and I fare well Less


How many people do you think Google screens every week ? How many people do you think in year?

2 Answers

With questions like these, they're really trying to gauge your approach to problem solving. Think about what numbers are needed to answer a question like this. Google currently has around 50,000 employees. Let's assume they have an attrition rate of around 10% and a growth rate of around 5%. That means that they're going to need to replace around 5,000 employees, and their growth rate indicates they'll hire an additional 2500. In total, they'll probably hire ~7500 employees in the upcoming year. Let's say that it takes around 200 applicants for them to find the right one, so to hire 7500 employees, they'll need to look at 1.5 million applicants in that year. We can break that number down into applicants per week (1.5 million ÷ ~50), which comes out to around 30,000 applicants per week. But the number of applicants per week isn't always stable -- people might be more likely to apply for jobs in Q2, for example. So in any given week, you might expect the number of applicants to be somewhere between 15,000 and 45,000. Less

Probably about 2 million people a year. It would break down to ~39,108 candidates per week. That's screening applications. As far as actually getting an interview, that number would be a lot less. Less


Tell me about your experiences.

2 Answers

Walk me through your most challenging project.

Do you recall any questions from the video chat?


What do you know about Medallia?

2 Answers

The is challenging because the website (and new hires) can only tell you so much about a company. What Medallia does isn't well-known in the Silicon Valley where consumer-facing apps/products overshadow enterprise software. I knew, however, that Medallia aligned with trends I'm passionate about: growing consumer power, increasing focus on the consumer experience and customer feedback, and social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. What I learned throughout the interview process: Medallia is an enterprise software company (cloud) that helps companies improve customer experiences by capturing feedback (social: think Yelp and TripAdvisor APIs; mobile: think surveys). Medallia helps companies gather and then make sense of that feedback through their browser and mobile products (analytics: think online dashboards, text analytics, graphs, charts). Users of Medallia's products span from store or regional managers, all the way up to VPs of Customer Experience. Less

I've been approached by a recruiter via LinkedIn to represent Medallia in an international Sales Director role. I've sold enterprise software for over 15 years having held account executive roles for large companies (Oracle, CA, IBM). Like you though, enterprise software is not really where my passion is. Instead, again like you, my interest has always been more aligned with our current trends of "growing consumer power, increasing focus on consumer experience and customer feedback, and social, mobile, analytics, and cloud". Your feedback has been insightful so I'd like to give you a thank you for sharing. Thank you. I'm loving everything I'm reading/seeing online about Medallia and the timing for the recruiter to reach out was absolutely perfect. I'm very interested in learning more about the Medallia hiring process and expected timelines for joining Medallia in an international sales capacity role. On that note, if you now have a professional relationship with anyone inside Medallia who you might recommend I reach out to as part of my research and in preparation for ensuring and fast tracking an optimal fit for the both of us, then I would welcome you reaching back out to me in the hopes of a brokered introduction. As stated, the timing on my end is perfect but I am not in a position to wait this out for a couple or few months. I am smitten with Medallia but I've been working on a startup for the last year and half (sans pay) and now that it's on its own and has a few key executives in place, I not only want to secure another role, I really need to, and am actively looking at other moves. Signed JWC / entrepreneur-at-heart / Smitten by Medallia Less


Why do you want to work with Taskus?

2 Answers

it is one of the fastest growing company in india and the world . the work environment of this Company is very good .Employees of this company feels proud to be part of this company and company Support their employees in the professional front . So because of that i want to join Task us . Less

To explore new and effective work culture with challenges if any.


Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

I ran through my qualifications and experience and how they are relevant to the role in question. Less

I am an honest person. I love being passionate in my business. I am also diligent and hard working, never say no for an answer. Less

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