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The Emirates Group
Junior Network Engineer was asked...3 October 2012

How long do you plan to work here?

31 Answers

4 years

As long as possible

For ever

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Consolidated Gulf Company

What is a router? Or define the basic requirements of a router?

2 Answers

A router is a layer 3 network device used to establish communication between different networks. Basic roles performed by a router are: Inter-network communication Best path selection Packet forwarding Packet filtering Less

A router is a layer 3 network device which shows a route for the packets to reach their destination. Routers basic requirements are: Cisco iOS Flash memory NV RAM ROM Modules with int serial or int fa ports Temperature control ISP Less

Describe OSI layer and its importance

1 Answers

Briefly indicate the 7 layers and explain it


why should we hire you

1 Answers

what is your idea of a great company culture

Calsoft Systems

Give an example of how you used your IT skills to improve something at your workplace.

1 Answers

Talked about how I automated a common task at my currently office that people used to do manually. Less

Blueprint Business Technologies

How much are you willing to invest in personal and professional development.

1 Answers

I believe this should be a priority for anyone who wants a career. I have always been an advocate for personal and professional development and this has always been at the top of my priorities professionally. Therefore, I am willing to give it all I have because there are no debates for me on this topic. Less

XR Trading

About FPGA ( not related to the job role) and an aptitude test( 5th grade student can answer)

1 Answers

Assessment ( aptitude ) was very easy and I was also able to answer about FPGA's as I dealt with them in my undergrad. Less


Could you please send me your phone number?

1 Answers

i did, and you did not respond. Great company to work for. Numbers matter only


Tell me about your experience

1 Answers

Covered my CCNA, CCNP experience as well as my undergraduate degree. Discussed successful implementation I've done Discussing my personal learning program Spoke about my personal hobbies Less

Huawei Technologies

What project you have done?

1 Answers

Demonstrate the project you experienced in your CV

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