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When you interview for a position as an information security analyst, you will be asked about your experience with information security systems and be given questions that test your problem-solving skills. The interviewer will want to see that you have the technical knowledge and critical thinking skills to protect company data from cyber attacks and point out and fix security flaws before they can be exploited.

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Top Information Security Analyst Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top information security analyst interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you strengthen user authentication?

How to answer: This behavioural question offers an insight into your analytical skills and cyber security knowledge. Explain that common methods include PIN numbers, passwords and security questions. An impressive answer might mention two-factor authentication, which would combine two of the methods listed.

Question No. 2: How do you prevent phishing?

How to answer: This is an opportunity to highlight your communication skills. Explain how you educate employees on best practices to prevent phishing. Provide details about how you would break down a complex concept into clear, actionable steps. Consider listing additional tools you have used in the past, such as spam filters and firewalls.

Question No. 3: What is the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?

How to answer: Aim to deliver a concise definition, then explain how either might be used. Explain that symmetric uses a single key for both encryption and decryption whereas asymmetric uses one key for encryption and another for decryption. Consider offering an example of a time when you might choose one over the other.

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Information Security Analyst was asked...21 January 2021

Fale da sua experiência

6 Answers

Tenho algumas experiências com vendas e preciso de um emprego

Tenho experiência com venda online,e gostaria muito de trabalhar nessa empresa

Tenho experiência em postagem de publicidade, informações e comunicação social.

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Frontline Education

How many years of formal CISO title do you have?

4 Answers

More than enough to call out a lazy leader

I think nothing will change if all recruiters in the world are fired.

Finally, we hired somebody after 6 months. With COVID-19, we will fire him soon. Seems like a looser who will not survive Less

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what is an advantage of a domain?

4 Answers

Central management and organization of a group of devices, users, and resources.

This question was obviously asked by someone who knows nothing about security. What is an advantage of a domain? What type of domain were they asking about? Physical? The name in a DNS? A logically separated environment? You are lucky you were not hired. The VP in charge is unethical and intolerable. Most people there don't like or trust him but he is protected by the COO. Less

On the contrary, that question can only be understood by an applicant who knows that “Domain” here refers to applying the ISO 27001 standard. It has nothing to do with your website. Less

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General and quality was directly proportional to the recruiters experience

3 Answers

And the role reports to a VP, customer success. What a joke and looks like they need a glorified secretary and a throat to choke Less

They will ask for your salary range and if you ask the range on their end they will say they don’t know yet Less

They hired somebody for cheap. With probably very minimal HIPAA knowledge and an expired CISSP credential. Less


The analyst was the one who asked serious questions about my experience and skills, but nothing that can't be answered. Some details about metasploit (very simple indeed) , basic networking and TCP/IP.

2 Answers

Does TraceSecurity require you to work in Baton Rouge while not on site with a client? Or do they have telecommuting options? Less

No telecommuting options


What is the best anti-virus software

3 Answers

Bit Defender is the best as far as I know

Trend micro. And right now you need to look further for EDR solution



Aptitude question were very easy and u have to only apply simple logic. For instance; A C F K? Find the next word?

3 Answers

So the answer is R

Answer will be p

how ans will be R ?


There was not a difficult question. The process was straight forward.

2 Answers

Quick question. Does TraceSecurity require you to work in Baton Rouge while not on site with a client? Or do they have telecommuting options? Less

No. They don't have telecommute options.

K logix

How my performance compared to other reps in my company

2 Answers

Good! But texted me twice from an unknown number during the work week and expected me to remember to send a resume! Less

I had a similar experience recently. I did a phone interview with the recruiter but she didn't follow up with me when she said she was going to. I reached out via Email to see if they were going to move forward with the process. She told me that she would meet with the team and have an answer for me the following week. I didn't hear from her and waited another 2 weeks. I reached out to her a second time and again she stated that she would have any answer for me by the end of the week but didn'tfollow through. This was almost a month ago now so I just kind of gave up. It was very disappointing because this sounded like an awesome opportunity to gain some experience on my field of study and prove myself. Less


TCP IP: what are common protocols that operate at each layer

2 Answers

TCP IP is a representation of suite of protocols for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI Model) At layer 7 - eg SFTP, Https, SSH for secured services At layer 6 - Session layer: port numbers At layer 5 - presentation eg ascii, mpeg, jpeg, etc At layer 4- Transmission Layer TCP Secure connection for encryption eg. AES, SHA 256 and higher algorithm and UDP protocols which are generally unreliable Layer 3- IP protocol network layer Layer 2 - Datagram layer eg. Mac address , ARP RARP Layer 1 - Physical Layer, Cat 5, Cat6, Cat 7, etc Less

TLS / SSL: what is it and what does it do

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