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I show them my IOT project which works with the MQTT protocol. They ask what other protocols are available for IOT.

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I answered them that I have no idea. (lolz)

BTW,what's the content roughly of 1:1 basics coding exercise.

If you ask ROUGHLY, it's like a list of incomplete small programs you need to complete/solve. Like a in-class CA. The purpose of this is to understand how you solve problem (logical thinking stuffs).

List types of testing techniques? (Phone Interview)

1 Answer

Give an overview of your final year project or significant other projects you have worked on

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Decode number Capitalise word

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How will you go about building a website from back end to front end

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How would you go about testing?

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He asked what is inheritance

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Basic Java knowledge, patterns. Some questions on technologies from my CV.

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If you have an autonomous robot in a 2 plane of unknown size, program it to find a hidden mineral somewhere on the plane.

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Draw architecture diagram for car insurence website.

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