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In HR round - The questions were basically focussed on your Why Murex, what do you know about the company, CV, and Competency-based questions. In the technical round - The questions were mainly concerned with OOPs concepts. Make sure you are proficient in the same. Also, 3 coding problems were given. 1 was optimization other 2 were writing the code.

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I do indeed. But don't worry about that. They were easy :)

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1. first they ask me about college projects and my basic information. 2. Basic/Intermediate level c# question (strings immutability, interfaces, delegates, assembly reference for multiple class projects in a single projects, access modifiers, use of Using keyword in c#) 3. question on .net framework(Database connectivity, DbContext, Dependency injection) 4. question on .net server-side validation(what if front end developer forgot to add validation on client-side...what you will do on server-side for textbox field)

Why HubSpot? Tell me about your previous internship experience?

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API online assessment with string/object manipulation Leetcode style string manipulation question