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Project Manager/Account Manager was asked...10 October 2017

Tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

How would you cope with the pace of the company?

Langoor Digital

About past experience, how will i contribute to this company

1 Answers

Gave examples and spoke about my ambitions


What would your boss say are your weaknesses?

1 Answers

The in-person interviewer grossly misinterpreted my answer and proceeded to grill me about my 'weakness' (I said I struggle not taking criticism personally which he took as 'you take criticism personally and you're an emotional woman'), outlining all the reasons I wasn't a good fit for the job because of this one answer. Less

Huawei Technologies

Q1. Tell me about yourself? Q2. Where do you see yourself in 3years? Q3. Are you a team player ? Q4. What’s is P&L? Q5. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced? Q6.What questions do you have for me?

1 Answers


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Warum bewerben Sie sich auf diese Stelle?

1 Answers

Berufliche, zukünftige Entwicklung und bereits erworbene Kompetenzen meinerseits. Less


What is NOC

1 Answers

Network Operation Center

Nothing unexpected, I was in several group interviews where they talked about me while I was in the room, that was weird, but offered a good insight into what they were thinking about. Specific question, are you more of a manager or seller -

1 Answers

The correct answer is both, as any seller worth their salt will manage as well.


basically all questions are asking you if you were the senior manager, what will you do, for example, if someone wants to resign, if other department wants to move someone from your team to theirs, what will you do if you already knew there are potential risk to a filed quality issue, and how will you organize the job loading or deal with the high employee turnover rate, and or how will you fight with customers or other departments.

1 Answers

They share the payment package including benefit and bonus rules, and basic salary, during the HR director's presentation, that is far away if compare to the current job or any other similar company's package. 4 out of 8, works for 3 to 5 years, we chat and sheared each other after the panel interview, we all agreed that this interview is a joke and they just try to convince the fresh graduates with below average payment package, and try to convince them to station in Shanhai China's factory instead of just stay at Taiwan. btw, 8 candidates are all graduated from the US, from Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts etc., and all from very well known, historical, top ranking college/university, so they waived the English test. 4 experienced candidates are all from well know company in Taiwan, public company, with stock listed, and over 10,000 employees scale, with billions revenue, not from small companies. Less


Tell me about your experience working in IT projects?

1 Answers

What kind of SaaS product have you worked with? Can you give an example of the work process? Less

Capital Energy Group

Are you interested in our hands on training while on the job?

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