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Engineer/Member of Technical Staff, Electrical, Digital Systems Design was asked...29 November 2021

Asked about experience and resume as well as experience with their tools.


Q.Block a has 1000 wires that are connected to block b. Connections are 1:1. What vectors can you use to make sure the 1:1 connections are aligned.

Maxim Integrated

CMOS inverter, multiplexers, bitwise shifting, setup and hold time, slack.

Texas Instruments

FSM based questions, Digital fundamentals, projects


What is the difference of the write policies for caches such as write back and write though?


Basic digital design knowledge like setup and hold time, clock domain crossing and something related to your thesis.

Texas Instruments

Draw a mod 2 counter with 25% duty cycle?

Mercury Systems

basic C and VHDL problems

Qualcomm Technologies

Data Structures questions Bit allocation questions Stack and heap design questions.


Power. Time. CMOS. Basic electronics Types of power consumption in C-MOS ccts?

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