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Biostatistician was asked...12 June 2013

What is the most widely used method in survival data analysis?

2 Answers

I'd say log-rank test.

Cox regression, it is an semiparametric method

University of Utah

What test would you use to determine if two categorical variables are independent?

1 Answers

Chi Square test.

INC Research

If I had super powers what would they be?

1 Answers



The height, weight of 100 people is taken in inches and pounds. The mean, median, sd, correlation is given. 1) If the height and weight are off by 5 units, which of the summary stats will change or not? 2) If the height and weight are to be calculated in cms and kgs, which of the summary stats will change or not?

1 Answers

1) The mean and median would change, the standard deviation and correlation would not. 2) The mean, median and standard deviation would change, the correlation will not. Less

Johnson & Johnson

working experience, need visa or not, salary expectation, strength and weakness.

1 Answers

The same happened to me, I had 4 interviews so far and i have arranged my last one with the Head of the department.I hope everything goes well Less


2nd round vedio interview

1 Answers

Nothing special but introduce yourself, etc. And then explain your answer to the test, it's easy as long as you have trial experience Less

University of Pennsylvania

What is the difference between parametric and non-parametric regressions?

1 Answers

Parametric distribution follows a well known distribution such as normal distribution, or a chi-square distribution meanwhile the non-parametric distribution has an unknown distribution. Less

Henry Ford Health

What statistical software do I prefer

1 Answers

R instead of SAS


Stage 2 interview Question: "What is a type 2 error, can you explain it in detail?"

1 Answers

Type 2 error is a false negative. It's the probability of incorrectly retaining the null hypothesis Less


about work experience, programming experience, previous work experience, and publication.

1 Answers

they didn't ask about any difficult questions.

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