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High Voltage
3D Artist was asked...21 November 2022

an art test of a hair sculpt in Fortnite style

Pick 2 of your project to talk about, and explain your workflow

Apex Systems

What programs do you know, ex: photoshop, illustrator, maya. What hobbies do you have? "Video games" What kind of video games? (they are looking for hand eye coordination I think, which translate to work)


Mostly questions related to the skills needed, experience, and the projects on my portfolio.


Examples are: - what made you proud about a certain work accomplished before - ability to be a team player - your knowledge about the company

3D Artist was asked...27 October 2022

What do you think about metaverse?

3D Artist was asked...26 October 2022

Are you familiar with 3d Max?

1 Answers

I told them not really, but I use Blender

3D Artist was asked...26 October 2022

What would you do differently in your latest art piece?

realworld one

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

realworld one

How will you make sure that the work is being done on time with required quality and what will you do if it is going delayed?

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