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The European Times
International Media Sales Representative was asked...26 November 2012

Why the European Times?

2 Answers

ANSWER-Because I'll get to meet the most powerful business leaders in the world. COMMENT-It was an easy question for me. I'm a realist and don't care for when recruiters ask, So why our company? Most people think because it's a job, and anything that flows out of their mouth is more then often B.S. Less

Did you get a feel of how the accommodations would be while traveling? Any realistic value on pay? Less


Interview questions were pretty standard not too corny and well thought out on the interviewers part, the app they were using did not work well with the interview and we switched over to zoom instead

1 Answers

Decided to decline the job offer as I looked into this company on this website and decided to not go ahead with my submission due to terrible experiences former and current employees have had in my city (Auckland) very glad I looked and saved a lot of heartache Less


Why should we hire you?

1 Answers

I'll sure to add value in your company

can you tell me about your past experience

1 Answers

I walked them through my resume, they basically check whether your communications are good or not. Less

Stealth Components

What is your biggest motivator?

1 Answers

Money and work environment.

How fast can you be in our company?

1 Answers

As soon as possible


How do you set up a maketing plan or presentation to promote one product?

1 Answers

To promote a product, my first step is to describe the product properly with description. I tell the customers to try our product because the quality is very good as compare to other factories. Talking to a customer and sending him/her a quotation in a proper way really matters a lot. Talking professionally and replying him/her emails on time also matters a lot. Less


Typical questions

1 Answers

Be yourself

Musikhaus Thomann

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

1 Answers

I dread those kinds of questions. After a brief moment of silence (which probably said more than my actual answer), I replied by saying "I don't know, but I want to be good at my job". Never say that to an employer people... Less

Military AutoSource

Have you worked in sales before?

1 Answers

I haven't

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