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A king wants to hold a party, for which he has 8 kegs of wine, one of which he knows is poisoned. If someone consumes any of the poisoned wine, he will drop dead in exactly one months time. The king has 3 servants who have volunteered their lives to test the kegs of wine. What is the shortest amount of time in which the king can identify which keg of wine is poisoned and dispose of it so he can hold the party.

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One month: Label the kegs 1-8, each servant has a glass of wine which is a mixture of four of the kegs: Servant one has a glass consisting of wine from kegs 1, 2, 3 and 4. Servant two has a glass consisting of wine from kegs 2, 3, 5 and 6. Servant three has a glass consisting of wine from kegs 3, 4, 6 and 7. We then wait one month. If only servant one dies, keg 1 is poisoned. If servants one and two die, keg 2 is poisoned. If servants one, two and three die, keg 3 is poisoned. If servants one and three die, keg 4 is poisoned. If only servant two dies, keg 5 is poisoned. If servants two and three die, keg 6 is poisoned. If only servant three dies, keg 7 is poisoned. If no one dies, keg 8 is poisoned.

Hi, I also had an interview with SIG recently, and I'm just wondering how long it took for them to give you a job offer after you're final interview

Hi, think my final interview was 22nd Jan and they got back to me 10th Feb or so

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Given an array of integers [1,2,3,4]. and target t = 5. Come up with a solution that will print out all the unique pairs in the array that are equal t.

3 Answers

The expectation of a dice roll.

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Compute all the intersections of two sets of segments in a line.

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What is dhcp

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If a shooting star has an 80% chance of appearing in the next hour, what is the chance of it appearing in the next half hour?

1 Answer

Given a set of cities, each with a given population, select randomly a city with a probability that is proportional to the population.

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What career do I want to follow (networking, administration, etc)?

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Very broad questions like my favourite and least favourite thing about my course? Not very technical questions. What would you do if your internet wasn't working was a particularly annoying one.

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How would you describe our target audience?

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