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Consultant Interview Questions in Hyderabad, India


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What are the steps in Consolidation of Financial Statements

4 Answers

Preparation of Chart of Accounts and Synchronizing the Accounting policies of the group companies.

Showing the video depends on the situation, however, it doesn't matter to recruit an employee. Of course, there will be a person to monitor and control in any organization. Focus on our duties rather than condemning others. All the best...!!

Dear Mr. Consultant, I can sense the burning from your comment. I expressed my view and it is none of your business to ask me to focus on my duties. That doesn't change the fact how bad your company is. And of course regarding the Video, I haven't said anything wrong, I just expressed my opinion. You comment itself suggests the way you treat the employees feedback in your company. And May god bless the people working in your Nalsoft.

Number Series : 1 6 12 13 19 _

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can we write "public static void main()" as " void public static main()" ?

3 Answers

What can lead to a project failure?

5 Answers

Core Java Struts Hibernate Spring

2 Answers

questions related to technical skills which candidate would have

2 Answers

First round: 1) What is yield method 2) What is join method 3) difference between wait and sleep 4) real example of singleton 5) In eclipse, on what basis the tool suggest to catch/thow an exception 6) use of synchronize block in Thread 7) serilazation related to static variables/transient 8) parent class is serialized and child class not and vice versa 9) HashMap - inserting same keys and values 10) HashSet vs HashMap Second round: 1) how to avoid concurrentmodificationexception 2) what is factory design pattern 3) How to pass the session information from one application to another application

2 Answers

Basic Journal Entries

2 Answers

where do we find that the there is a position is vaccant?

2 Answers

Nothing as much in technical round, mainly focused on skills mentioned in Resume, few hypothetical questions by HR ( Google to find few common questions which are asked by HR)

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