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how would you sell a fridge to an eskimo?

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I'd ask the Eskimo if they'd like a way to stop their food from freezing.

Rob Granger on


Following on the back of our massively successful 'Sunbeds in Somalia' range, this is the new lifestyle choice that puts YOU in control. The busy, go getting professional eskimo (sorry Inuit) wants his drinks and produce at the temperature he wants and won't be dictated to by the environment.

Oliver Thornton on


In exchange

Anonymous on


Sorry Oliver Thornton I actually like your answer but some how pressed unlike by mistake :) in addition to some answers answer ice is melting due to global change and whoever buys it from eskimos will have the privilege of being a precedent when temperature become less colder

Mona on


After trying to establish if they had a food need for a fridge I would ask them where they stick all the fridge magnets their friends send them?

Ian Leonard on


Either put him in Africa or due to the fact that a fridge is usually between 5- -5 degrees Celsius and there climate is between -20 and -40 degree Celsius I would sell it as a warming device for him or his food. :)

Charles on


It's an old joke. But... It's -40 degrees Celsium outside. And +4 In the fridge. Eskimo can heat himself! =) Really - There is not so sharp difference between two temperatures

Evgeniy on



Anonymous on


Me: could you bring me a chilled beer? Eskimo: I have only frozen ones Me: Don’t you have a fridge? Eskimo: No! How can I get one? Me: Easy! Here you are! With only £289,90

Anonymous on


Barter; i.e. my fridge for something equally-valuable. The question is "how" and not "why", afterall.

Anonymous on


tell him it is a radiator

Michael Fisher on


I'd sell it as a food warmer to the eskimo

as a food warmer? on


You are able to regulate the temperature, keep predators away from your food and will be the envy of all your neighbours. Also very convenient.

Anonymous on


I'd tell them it was a cupboard

A on

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