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Head of Recruiting was asked...24 March 2018

What recruiting metrics do you use to measure success?

1 Answers

With a Master's degree in Mathematics and Statistics, I knew my phone call and onsite with the CEO would be heavily geared toward recruiting metrics. Time to Fill, Days to Hire, Quality Candidates per Opening... know what they mean and how you might be able to improve on them. Less

There were many questions asked.

1 Answers

I answered them to the best of my ability.


The interview focused on my recruiting style, my recruiting strategies, how I mentor and grow others, how I build and scale process... essentially the focus areas you'd expect to talk about when taking on a recruiting leadership role. I was able to interview with different areas of the business including the CEO, Head of People, General Council, Recruiting, and Engineering. It was fun to get to learn about all of the functions I'd be supporting.

1 Answers

With honesty about my work. Gave a lot of credit to the people around me and teamwork (hiring partners, recruiters, and other recruiting leaders I've worked with in the past). Less


What would your mother use to describe you? How would you find out if someone was a good (e.g.) UX Designer, Product Manager etc.

1 Answers

I answered the first question by saying my Mum would say I was messy. I thought this was an attempt by the CEO to establish rapport and something approaching a human connection but it turns out he felt my Mother's insight into my working style would be enormously valuable. Despite the faintly banal line of questioning on skillsets that I've been hiring for for 13 years I explained how I'd approached these sort of things in the past. I received no follow up questions, I am unclear if he has had to hire PMs or UX Designers before or has any idea what they do but he seemed satisfied with my responses. Less

NCSA College Recruiting

Why do I want to work there?

1 Answers

I want to make a difference in kids' lives and help them navigate a very daunting and overwhelming recruiting process. Less


How do you deal with and overcome failure?

1 Answers

Coming from the agency recruiting world, you deal with a lot of no's before you get your first yes. It's no surprise that the turnover rate is quite high for people who stay/go. Staying motivated, constantly iterating your processes, learning from and surrounding yourself with successful individuals can go a long way in terms on mentoring. Changing your view of a "failure" to an "attempt" and thinking of ways to try harder and be better will improve the quality of your work and ultimately lead to success. Not giving up, especially when the pressure is on. Less

Merck KGaA

Questions to test experience in recruiting

1 Answers

shared my demonstrated experience, achievemenyts


basic questions about my background, why I wanted to work in an insurance company

1 Answers

said that access to health insurance for everyone is important to me.


How would you go about managing an under performing team.

1 Answers

I'm not giving my tricks away ;)


How would you hold a psychic interview?

1 Answers

Through heavy mediation and channeling my inner chi.

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