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Head of Talent Acquisition was asked...19 November 2021

What is your key secret to success in this multitasking position?

1 Answers

Managing expectations - stakeholders and candidates alike. My most important function is to keep my 'customer' engaged and informed. Less


My level of experience in hiring sales talent

1 Answers

Structured but pragmatic and responded with evidence of previous experience to strategies and delivery. Less

The Very Group

They asked me to give an example of when I'd developed a member of my team.

1 Answers

It was something I was super proud of as I had invested heavily in the progression and development of my team so was able to give multiple examples proudly. Less

Glanbia Performance Nutrition

What did I know about their industry?

1 Answers

I did a lot of research on the company and was also interested in the space/ category. Less


Questions about my experience, skills and knowledge within the TA field.

1 Answers

Shared my TA experiences and gave examples.


Case study, how would you hire for a specific small village in Russia

1 Answers

Spoke about the challenges in hiring for remote roles. Attraction planning, etc... she didn’t care Less


My Test Drive question was: "How should we go about engaging Hotel Tonight employees in communicating our talent brand in a way that helps us get amazing talent?"

1 Answers

I gave them my definition of "Talent Brand", then gave multiple example of how I would build it, not just as a message, but as part of their culture. My ability to get the group to converse openly failed which is why I was ultimately dispositioned. I tried to facilitate a discussion by asking questions but not to their satisfaction. For the most part, they looked disinterested. The CEO rubbed his eyes and the COO looked out the window through most of it. I knew when I walked out I was not going to be considered any further for their opportunity. Less


What is your vision for the future of Talent Acquisition at Fourthline, and how would you scale the team to enable our company to grow according to our hiring plan?

1 Answers

By engaging with questions, opening up a discussion and working towards common ground in strategy and operations. Less

Glanbia Performance Nutrition

How can you value add to the role?

1 Answers

I was qualified for the role and have relevant experience so there were not questions that I was not familiar with. Less

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