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In preparation for an interview, come ready to discuss your portfolio at length, as well as your design process, and which design software you are familiar with. Graphic design positions can be very specific to the company, so make sure that you brush up on the company's current design style and are ready to explain how your style and experience will mesh.

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Top Graphic Designer Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top graphic designer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: A copywriter on your team disagrees with your work. How do you handle this?

How to answer: The hiring manager is assessing your interpersonal, conflict-resolution and teamwork skills with this question. Prove your competencies with a savvy strategy. Include steps such as trying to understand the colleague's viewpoint, de-escalating the discord and explaining your design process.

Question No. 2: You have designed a campaign you are proud of, but the client suddenly wants to change everything. How do you handle this?

How to answer: Customer service, communication and problem-solving skills are essential for this position. Show the hiring manager that your skill set includes these abilities. Propose a strategy with tactics such as learning why the client wants the changes and providing any necessary explanations about your work. Additionally, re-evaluating your designs, collaborating with the client to decide on essential changes and revising your work can be included.

Question No. 3: Tell me about your computer and design skills.

How to answer: A suitable candidate for a graphic designer position will be proficient in job-specific software and skills. For example, you can include Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, MS Word and MS PowerPoint in your answer. Skills in Adobe After Effects for motion design; UX and UI design; colour theory; and front end web development software, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, can show your versatility and increase your employability.

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Tell me about yourself? What was my favorite project I previously worked on and why? What designer do I look up for.


Are you comfortable with leaving a permanent role for a contract position with no guarantee of this becoming a permanent role in the future?

Mi rol actual. Porque quería realizar el cambio. Que ventajas veia sobre el puesto. Salario pretendido

Qual a pretensão salarial para o cargo oferecido?


Describe the design process that you follow for packaging design.


Sharing of portfolio and past works


basics about user experience question


Tell them more about myself & experience, share portfolio, go through assessment etc.

Neiman Marcus

Why do you want to work at Neiman's?

EBOS Group

Please introduce yourself indicating your full name, age, and location.

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