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Graduate Engineer Trainee Software Testing was asked...4 April 2022

1.Data Structures and Algorithm 2. Coding problems using strings


No mention of things like scrum, agile, test frameworks/ tools, python, and no detailed feedback given.


No mention of things like scrum, agile, test frameworks/ tools, python, and no detailed feedback given.

Mighty games

Why do you apply this position.


Asked about past education and project experience

Senior Flexonics

General competency and academic questions


Why did you apply to Kainos? Why this position?


Statistical analysis, some basic logic questions, behavioural tests

Scott Logic

1. Started with questions about the organisation, so go through their website to be well informed. 2. Basic Technical questions with regards to Testing : What is testing ? , Pros and Cons of hiring a Test Engineer, What is Unit testing? , Agile Test environment ? 3. Logic Based Questions : 1. There are 7 balls of which there is one ball that is heavier than the other 6. There is a scale that tips towards the heavier side. In how many minimum number of weighs can you find the heaviest ball ? (Answer provided below) 2. There are 4 divers in a cave. The time they take to traverse the cave one way is A = 10mins, B=5mins, C=2mins and D=1min. There is one canister with Oxygen with two attached masks. Scenario 1 : Considering unlimited oxygen in the Canister how can you get all the divers out of the cave in 10 mins time before the cave is submerged in water. Even if the divers are on the mask they still escape, don't drown. Scenario 2. The Oxygen in the Canister lasts only for 18mins, so how will you get all the divers out of the cave safely. 4. Technical problem which involved testing a system which forms different types of triangles (Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene). Test with Negative numbers, decimals, and different scenarios. Basically, the thought process was being judged.

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1. C & D go together and C goes back (4 mins) 2. A & B go together and D goes back (11 mins) 3. C & D go together (2 mins) Less

The answer to Logic Question 1 : Place three balls on either side of the scale. If both sides are equal, then the ball left out if the heaviest. If one of the side tips(heavier side) then remove the 3 other balls and weigh the heavier side balls by placing one ball each on the scale, now if the scale equals then the third ball is the heaviest. Else, if the heavier ball is weighed then it can be found out by the tipping of the scale, so ultimately 2 weighs is the minumum number of weighs to find the heaviest ball. The answer of logic question 2 : Scenario 1 : A = 10mins, B=5mins, C=2mins and D takes 1 min one way. First D+B will traverse the cave on the two attached masks of the cannister. Since B takes 5mins so they take 5 mins to get out of the cave and D takes 1 min to return back to the other divers, leaving B out of the cave, hence total time 6mins. Next, send D and C out of the cave, Since C takes 2 mins and D takes an additional 1 min to return, C is also out of the cave, time taken is 3 mins. We have lost 9 mins. Now A and D can be on the mask and escape, they don't drown as they are both are attached to the oxygen masks before the cave submerges in a total of 10 mins time. Scenario 2 : Only 18 mins of oxygen left in the canister. i don't know the answer... Less


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