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Do you know SQL and managing data?

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Hi, as a Google employee, I’ve created an interview prep guide that got many people into Google, based on my and my friends' interview experiences. You can find it here: (please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments). Good luck!

Experience with CMS and online publishing. How do you feel about taking on a brand new role in the company

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What weaknesses do you have, or what mistakes have you made?

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How LinkedIn makes money ?

1 Answer

What is polymorphism in programming?

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Do 4 assignments. They gave me documentation for each exercise. The assignments were: writing an abstract of a clinical trial, creating a table with provided statistics, creating a bibliography of a drug, and writing a paragraph of adverse events.

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Review of skillset & competency

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Describe a time there was conflict within the team and how it was overcome.

The questions which I found most difficult were the general HR questions as they would listen carefully to my answers and ask additional questions from these which if you hadn't been anticipating can potentially throw you off guard.

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