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Game Producer was asked...12 November 2022

Why do you want to work at Crytek?

1 Answers

I answered that I liked their products, and that with the current gaming landscapes the company had big challenges. Also Crytek attention to details and overall, no compromise towards high-quality, was appealing. Less


The questions were not so much technical as they were practical. They mostly revolved around management overview and strategies, people management etc. There was some discussion around specific case-based questions which were easy enough to answer if you have had the experience.

Blizzard Entertainment

Q: What's your class in WoW?


They started with a review of my work history, then asked what drew me to Amazon, then a series of STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) questions mapping to the Amazon leadership principles. My advice is to review the Leadership Principles (found here: ) and determine which are most relevant to the role you're interviewing for. Then write out STAR structured answers to "Tell me about a time when..." (you overcame a communication challenge at work, disagreed with a supervisor, helped mediate a dispute between people you manage, etc..) using those Leadership principles as a core theme.

Plan A Collective

We've talked about Scrum, Kanban, Lean and the ways of implementation of the three.

ARVORE Immersive Experiences

"Me fale sobre você, histórico acadêmico, profissional, etc", perguntas situacionais da posição.

Genvid Technologies

Each interview targeted a different skill area, ranging from leadership theory, to hard skills with software, to questions about how past experiences would be applicable. Standard fare in terms of format, but definitely more in-depth than I've encountered before.


They had a handful of scenario-type questions, like dealing with a difficult employee (what do you do?). They even acted it out a bit as if one of the producers was the bad employee who didn't want to go a stand-up. So that was rather interesting.

1 Answers

I tried to role-play through it and approach it the way I would in a real setting. I thought it was a fine interview. I would have appreciated feedback to understand what sort of responses they were looking for. Also, I would have appreciated a more prompt response from recruiting rather than waiting for 3 weeks. Less


What role did you play during the game development process

Electronic Arts

Name a time you were met with a difficult decision and how did you respond. What would be the top 5 features you would add to X game.

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