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Freelance Writer was asked...24 April 2018

He did not ask me any questions other than to submit a sample

2 Answers

Hello, I am sorry you were not paid. Please email me and I will send pay to your Paypal Id immediately. Less

Hello. I just read your comments. I had no idea that you did not receive pay for your sample article. I just sent $15.00 to your Paypal to cover it. Less


How did you hear about this position? Good answers are either from Google, or a clear posting from Curious Internet users might even stumble upon the posting here on Glassdoor. That is another acceptable response.

2 Answers

Why do you want to work for Ultius? I wanted to work for Ultius because I love helping other individuals to succeed. I have a strong passion for writing, and this was a great opportunity for me to be able to add more professional writing experience on my résumé. Making the clients happy for each order and following the directions are your top priorities. Try to tell them why you are important for the company. Less

When asked how you heard about the position the best answer is always the truth. Whether from a job board, Google search, friend referral, etc, please just tell us the truth. We use the data so we know where to put our advertising dollars. There is no wrong answer. Less


This company took several hours of my time by asking me to write an article that had over 10 pages of instructions.

2 Answers

I did this perfectly, but did not receive an offer of employment. There were no explanations. Freelance writers know that this practice often points to a scam by which companies get free articles. I do not recommend applying to this company; they are not honest. Less

I had the same happen to me. An employer who is willing to take up lots of your time but doesn’t have the courtesy to send more than a one sentence rejection after you spend hours writing and completing their tests. This isn’t standard practice. I guess we dodged a bullet! Imagine what it would be like to work for employers who value their employees like this. Shameful! Less

Wonder Research

They ask about previous experiences, but the big question is how well you write, which is why they ask you to submit the test article.

2 Answers

I wish I had the opportunity to write an article...I was only asked the multiple choice questions! Less

I followed the guidelines provided, and the sample articles of top freelancers to complete the article. Less

Are you a team player? Are you willing to go above and beyond your job description?

1 Answers

I really enjoyed the questions, I'm not going to write them all here. But, the interview process was thought out and so were the questions. The biggest take away I got from the interview was that team work is very important to the company. Also, coming in with a "can do" attitude and a positive disposition. Less


What are you most interested in about working at THINX? What aspects of women's health are in you interested in writing about?

1 Answers

What are some pitches you would write?

Creative Age

How would you approach this story? What topics would be covered? Do you think it would be more successful as a single article or a series?

1 Answers

I did some research upfront and provided a detailed outline for a full, three part series before officially being offered the assignment. Less

Ultimate Athlete Magazine

Do i have experience? were the samples i showed him school projects or published articles

1 Answers

as honestly as i could

33 Universal

How many years of experience as a writer?

1 Answers

What sites did you write for?


Mostly just about the type of subject matter I would want to write on and where I could contribute to the site. There really wasn't a great deal of talk.

1 Answers

Answered honestly about what I was interested in.

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