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Financial Services Representative was asked...17 January 2013

What makes a good sales person?

3 Answers

Persistance, Persuasion, Being relentless

a good sales person should be able to create results and to get there you should be able to understand clients' needs and with complete knowledge of products offer them the best solution. Less

A good sales person is someone who is always ready to handle situations even when on pressure. Less


"Sell me this pen" - 2nd interview

3 Answers

Find the customer's hot spots by asking open ended questions such as "When was the last time you used a pen", "how do you normally use a pen" and so on and then describe how THIS pen is perfect for the needs he requires. Why this pen is better than a box of plain Bic dollar store pens. The idea is to demonstrate your fact finding abilities and your ability to match those findings with your product. Less

Ask how much the pen costs? When they tell you a value, you say “sold”

Smile, nod, and talk pleasantly about minor imaginary features of the product until the interviewer convinces themself to buy the pen? Less

WFCU Credit Union

why do you fit this position?

2 Answers

how my working experience, my soft skill fit the requirement.

Experience as a Financial Advisor. Satisfaction in the role. Excellent customer / member service. Less


Nothing important or critical to the job. It's all personal and leading questions designed to figure you out and "qualify" you. It's a sales pitch from the word go.

2 Answers

Answer however you'd like - your answers to their questions don't matter in the slightest. They'll keep probing and probing until you either give them a "yes", or tell them to get lost. Less

hey did you get your money back?

Western & Southern Life

How much would you like to make in your first year with us?

2 Answers

Sorry it scored it down, I thought there was more info I clicked to read more. I can't change it:( Less

I didn't want to sound too brazen, so I said "50K would be nice." Turns out they want you to want to make a lot of money. They told me if I wasn't making at least 50-70K in the first year then I would hate the job. Furthermore, they told me if I wasn't making six figures by my 3rd year then I might want to consider a different career. Less

Globe Life Family Heritage Division

Do you like money? Are you ready to work harder than you have in your whole life? Do you have any inhibitions?

2 Answers

• For me is not to like, is to encourage my mind set, for what I have done, • I’m ready for the hard job, I mean that is my routine for 12+years. • I haven’t any inhibitions Less

How did you handle stress and orders/tasks coming from different superiors? . Important aspect for the stress, is to trust on what you came to do, either by the team goals. (Trusting and build better performance) Obviously: Trust, credibility, and action, the article advice include my 12+ years trade work experience doing simultaneity Bosses assistance, so that isn’t problem, due I know what to do & how to do, for the any Boss job request, it’s all about what i feel empowered to make decisions and run with ideas autonomously, thanks to their support. Either i spell out scenarios where their perspective might be helpful and professional development and a greater effort to get more innovations Less


If you were given a goal for the month to sell a certain product. How would you achieve that goal?

2 Answers

Look at your numbers every morning to know where you stand. Always know where you are at, that way you'll know what you need to do for that day to stay on pace. Less

Know all about the product in order for you to be able to sell it.


The brain teaser: You have 9 rubber balls, and a scale. One of the rubber balls is weighted less than the others. You can use the scale twice. How do you find which ball is weighted differently?

2 Answers

Why would they ask you a question like that? Jesus tap dancing christ. This is the worst company to work for. Less

How showing that you can answer this question proves you can be a representative at FXCM or not is beyond me, but I actually got this answer correct in the interview: 1. Split the 9 balls into 3 groups. 2. Put two of the three groups on opposite sides of the scale. 3. If they are equal, the light ball is in the 3rd group, otherwise the light ball is in the higher group on the scale. 4. Now repeat the strategy by putting two balls of the light group on the scale. 5. Again, if they are equal, the light ball is the 3rd ball, not on the scale. If they are equal, the light ball is highest on the scale. Less

New York Life

What intrigued you about New York Life?

2 Answers

Well,I thought it was a company that taught you to live life like a New Yorker, so that REALLY intrigued me, as I'd soon be swearing at people to get outta my way while laying on my horn, flipping off all bad drivers and being super depressed especially in the winter. THE NY LIFE!! Less

Vibe in HQ be like block party on 125th!


Role-play with client regarding return of product-against company policy

2 Answers

Can you please elaborate on that a bit? i am really curious about your role play

Offered cash back, but customer had spoken to another agent who promised full refund, had to oblige and make sure customer is content with decision, empathise towards 3-year old unwell kid she left at home Less

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