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Apple At Home Advisor was asked...18 May 2016

Hard drive and ram difference Email protocols Pop and imap difference And many more i dont remember few.

39 Answers

I guess there is nothing wrong to say congratz...just being positive as another one is progressing the application. Less

If ur bg check is done and they sent u letter of intent then u might get the offer letter in a week or so. Dont worry all will be well..congrats for the intent though. Less

thanks so much, you've settled me down little bit. haha i'll update you all once i hear something! good luck everyone! Less

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If given X area square footage and X length of the room, what is the room's perimeter?

14 Answers


It's no wonder Merrill is owned by a bank. They are asking architect questions in advisor interviews Less

quantitative in nature'

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I can't hear the video on my iPad, can you help me?

13 Answers

Good luck! Remember empathy plays a huge role strictly because it's easier to teach someone technical skills rather than people skills. Less

Got the offer about a week and a half after the final interview and the background check came that night after I received a call. Did the background check and it took a week to come back make sure to have your hire dates close as possible because they will check that. Then got the final offer the next day the background check cleared. Less

It's on HireVue, with two managers and all of you will be on the camera and they will ask you questions about yourself then proceed to role playing. Just make sure you provide empathy followed by the resolution. Also have questions to ask them like why do they enjoy working at apple and what's the most difficult thing new advisors face. Less

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They asked about the city I live in. And they also asked my technical capabilities with Apple software and if I was willing to learn. They also asked about my home environment and if it was suitable for their work.

11 Answers

Thanks! Interview went great! They called me a hour after to offer me to move on with the process Less

When you filled out your Application on Kelly Connect's website did any of you get to the end of the assessment for your time zone and have it say something about a high volume of applications being submitted and that they would be in touch or to keep checking back for the available appointment times? I filled out more apps under a different email to test and those apps just got to the logi serv (sp?) website and automatically said "Assessment Passed" o.0 I am just worried because the first time I attempted the typing test it just immediately proceeded to next section after 20 seconds. Less

I had the interview and they said they would contact within 24 hours to go within the hiring process. Does that mean I would get it or because I didn't get it on the spot, I Was turned down! Thanks!!! Less

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what's the difference between a Hard drive and RAM?

10 Answers

The first time I interviewed, I received my job offer in about 3 says. The last time in interviewed it did actually take about 2weeks. Both times I knew I rocked those interviews out. It really just depends on how many hires they're dealing with I think. It's no reflection on your interview. I would say just be patient but I know it's impossible. Lol. Less

Thank you for responding! Received a voicemail from the recruiter yesterday called back and left a voicemail. Hoping this is the offer and not a we don't want you! Haha trying to stay patient :) Less

How long does it take to hear anything about an interview after you apply? I applied September 5th. Less

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What can you bring to the company/team

10 Answers

I can hard work and best regards

I bring smile with work honesty

I work with honesty and safety

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What would you do if you knew a customer was wrong but he insisted he was right?

10 Answers

So, how is it? Did you get an offer?

Not yet haven't heard back. It's been about a week

Just got the offer to sit at the final job review process. I think this is where I'll be given an offer or not. Less

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Ulta Beauty

Are you passionate about beauty?

9 Answers

Of course ! I’m a Freelancer On my own time



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Sell me this pen

9 Answers

This pen is one of a kind. It's grip is so comfortable. Its reliable and writes smooth so you'll never miss a beat while writing any assignment, or that lady's phone number from the parking lot on your hand. How many do you want? Less

This pen was ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. It's been certified by the US Department Of Writing Utensils to not cause carpel tunnel syndrome. It comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty and a year's supply of free ink. Everyone who has used this pen is raving about it to their friends. I used to have terrible handwriting until I started using this pen. Not anymore. John Hancock used this pen to sign his name on the US Constitution. Less

Cool. Go ahead and write down the stores adress. Oh you need a pen? Here go you supply and demand -wolf of wall street Less

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Apple-specific questions

9 Answers

I disagree. I was a little thrown off by the Apple product-based troubleshooting as well, but not knowing the product? You may have needed to do a little background research on the company you're applying for. I didn't really know how to troubleshoot the issue I was given (got a new iPhone, did an iCloud restore, couldn't open apps anymore), but I could still come up with some generic probing questions to troubleshoot (What does it do/say when you try to open apps?, have you tried restarting your phone?, have you restored them more than once, or only one time?. Is it all apps, or just Apple apps?, etc. etc.), and that's all they were really looking for. Less

If you read the job descriptions, you will realise that Apple will provide full training for applicants. It means you do not need to know how to trouble shoot any Apple products during the interview. If Apple really wants to test your skills, they can ask you questions related to some popular products such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. Why would they ask you something like the "time capsule"? Do any of you guys use this product? We are all adults here. Let's assume you are going for a job interview with Apple tomorrow and you are doing your own research, just ask yourself if you would spend time on researching iPhone or Aperture2 ? I bet you have never heard of this name? Right? In order to fail somebody during job interview is so easy. However, Apple is not the only company hiring for support people in Australia. Rob, remain positive and good luck to us all job seekers in Australia. Less

I do feel sorry that you didn't get an attempt to show your experience in the tech support arena. But, as the second review stated, Why wouldn't you do the most basic of research they clearly laid out for you in your interview guide. After the first phone screening when you were passed on to take part in the Skype interview, the recruiter sent you the follow up information. This information informed you of the time of your call and who it was with but it also clearly laid out what to expect and how to prepare. Links directing you apples forums. Directly to a very easy to monuever product specs page. I do wish you the best of success moving forward. To the last review, Peter, about a Time Capsule. Very basic. Airport Extreme, Airport Express, and the Time Capsule are networking components Apple sells. They're all great products. Without going into much detail, An Airport Extreme is there extremely powerful router. A Time Capsule is the same product but containing a built in 2 or 3 TB hard hard drive. Yes, you can connect any hard drive to a Airport Extreme, but having it built in is all about convenience. I have a USB hub connected to mine, allowing you to expand your networked hard drives up to 16TB. This allows multiple wireless PC or Mac back ups to be done (Time Machine), access to content from anywhere in the world. As for Airport express's, there great routers, many clients will have a Airport Express set up in the far corners of their network, used to hardwire a printer into the network, using them as access points/repeaters, to extend their network, or as great portable units that can be used in hotel rooms, resorts, etc. Anyways, good luck all. Apple is a fantastic company to work for! Less

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