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PA to Chief Executive Officer was asked...23 June 2017

"Great news! I'd like to interview you for the PA to CEO role here at Symless. Before the interview, I'll need you to record a quick 60 second video (you can do this from your phone). In the video, tell us about a specific time which shows you really shining as a PA, demonstrating how crucial you are to your current CEO (or someone that you've been assisting). When you're done, upload it to YouTube. Set the sharing settings to unlisted so only I can watch it."

6 Answers

I uploaded my video same day and received an acknowledgement and that I would hear back in 7 days. I emailed to ask when my interview would be as I wanted to go on a trip and didn't want to miss out. No response received. Very impersonal and arrogant approach. Less

Agreed very arrogant approach

I had the same situation. Very unprofessional company

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How to motivate employees

6 Answers

As a manager controls, is his or her relationship with each employee. The second most important factor in a manager's ability to motivate employees is creating a work environment and organizational culture that fosters employee motivation and engagement. as well work culture consists of an environment in which employees are trusted, treated like the adults they are, and not micromanaged. Employees are entrusted with the values, vision, mission, and strategic framework within which they are expected to accomplish their jobs. and They receive frequent communication, are treated with respect and civility, and have input to every facet of the work they are hired to produce. Less

First I give training for all the staff .second I select who is take the training and change as work to change the hotel to compitancy.then I give who is fast worker and understand the new training and give to him or her appritaition later and one month salary. So the other staff follow him or her,this is the simply way to motivate the worker Less

First of employ understand and explain to duties and cover to zone.going to our menu explain..well communication with team Less

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Daily Mail and General Trust

How some time that join the company in Chief Executive Officer

6 Answers

In short time please send me appointment letter to join this company

I really join this company immediately that date 01.06.2023,, I will want to work this company 20 years. In respect of sir you believe me I will have work very seriously and beloved all employees. Thanks a lot & love this company. Less

Please send me appointment letter to join this company within 15 days.

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Muscular Dystrophy Association

What is your best quality?

5 Answers

To provide good and better services

I want to see freedom to everyone

Mangmet Directory

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The River Club (GA)

Do you have experience with fine dining?

4 Answers

Yes I’ve had many years of fine dining


20 plus

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WinCo Foods

do you party? what's your sighn? HOW FAR IS MARS? can your fold me like oragami?

4 Answers

yeppers. pickles. 242.62 million mi. yeppers!

No I do not party . My sighn is 🤔

Mars is 54.6 millions of kilometres away from earth

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Bon Appétit Management

Can you cook?

3 Answers

Yes, we can.

Here we come 😁

I gave them a tasting.

Westmont Living

How long does it take you to travel to work? Do you need to leave at any certain time for family?

3 Answers

As if anyone would answer “no”’ . What a question

None of your business Westmont . What they really mean is . . . Are you able drop everything and get here fast to handle problems for the low possible wage tolerable? Less

I will meet all requirements of duties in a timely manner.

Dell Technologies

how can u delete a node from a linked list using a single pointer

3 Answers

refer geeksforgeeks for the answer

Il suffit de sélection la partie que tu veux suprême et tu fait le cliquer gauche sur la partie et tu suprême Less

umm..i dont understand ur language

Compass Group

chef test. make sure you know how to cost out items and dishes.

3 Answers

You have to find the food cost of items with knowing the the price of the dish and what price you should charge based on what your target food cost is. As far as the cooking portion my test was a mystery basket with a protein and 3 or so vegetables. I had 45 minutes to make 1 completed dish. Work clean, wash your hands and be prepared to wear a cut glove. If you're going to be an exec chef I say go for it. Chef manager on the other hand is rough because you do everything in the unit!! From marketing to menus to the register. Good luck! Less

Chef test consists of a written and cooking test.. a 30 minute test with 7-8 questions and cooking something that you would want to prepare for your tester in 45 minutes.. food pricing is definitely on the test I was given. Good luck.. I made it past the test.. and so shall you. Best wishes Less

What type of test did you have to take? Did you have to make any of the mother sauces, certain types of cuts on vegetables?, create. Dish from scratch using only a few ingredients? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am about to go to an interview in Charlotte next week and do a chef test. Thanks! Less

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