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MTN Irancell
ERP Business & Systems Analysis Manager was asked...15 July 2018

what is your plan for next 5 years

2 Answers

being in your place

Improving my working experience in a bigger company

MAS Holdings

do you know anything about database managment

2 Answers



Insight Global

What would you do if you I came to you with something insane or ridiculous?

2 Answers

I'd (u'd) say your ridiculously insane

I'd say your ridiculously insane


Why our company?

2 Answers

Entersoft is one of the biggest companies of ERP/CRM and E-Invoicing intergrated information systems in Greece. Less

And personal growth

Kronospan Group

Tell me something about yourself.

2 Answers

My name is rohit dhawan and i m 38 years old. In 2003 i was start my own business in gold jewelry but after few years i faced lots of crisis and i moved to dubai in 2016 and i was start a job as a sales man in trucking company. In 2018 i got heavy truck lic its very tuff job but due to lac of my qualification this is only Job which is suitable for me. Now i am a truck driver and want move to Europe , America or canada. Less

My name is prashant I am from India and I am 26 years old I am currently working in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Aramco oil & gas plant my contact period will be finished after 1 month then I need a job Less

TE Connectivity

What is your biggest weakness?

2 Answers

"I am really bad with remembering the names of people when presented to a group of people. It takes some time to memorize their names". This answer tells that your are honest and at the same time it does not affect your work performance in any way. Less

This is a hard one because you have to answer it with an actual weakness, but you don't want to hurt your prospects. Less

Eastern Software Systems

How the Article Code is created and how the inventory maintain for that.

1 Answers

Article code is created without color and size and while taking the item in BOM against Style we select the article is color and size specific. In Sale Order Style and BOM are mapped with color size, after Indent, material is sourced thn it comes to Inventory. which can be shown as per buyer, style, material color and size wise. Less

A entrevista foi muito bem conduzida nas perguntas profissionais e pessoais. Dentre elas, foi pedido uma breve explanação sobre minhas experiências profissionais e qual a relação para a realidade da empresa. Perguntas pessoais foram relacionadas ao lazer (o que eu faço nas horas livres), espiritualidade (qual a minha fé), minha relação com amigos e família.

1 Answers

Respondi honestamente as perguntas pessoais e as profissionais mostrei situações das minhas experiências que tivessem relação direta com a necessidade da vaga. Embora atuei em uma área de projetos e o cargo desejado era para um analista de suporte, a compatibilidade entre o meu perfil e a necessidade da empresa foram bem satisfatórios. Less

Right Advisors

Why do you looking for change

1 Answers

better career prospects

How good are your Crystal Reporting Skills?

1 Answers

Excellent Crystal Reporting Skills.

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