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Whole datacenter design to deliver services based on users locations.

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Can you please let me know what is been asked for the coding interview(during ur 3rd interview)?

The coding interview was about solving small problems: sorting data, parsing network device output. Programming languages could be chosen freely (I chose Go and Python).

Can you please let me know what are the behavioral questions that are been asked? Is there any design questions related to networking?

you have array with n elements. How would you do circular shift of k positions? Time and space complexity?

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I show them my IOT project which works with the MQTT protocol. They ask what other protocols are available for IOT.

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Give a range of numbers, return 6 different numbers randomly. In O(n).

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difference between "hashing a string" and "encrypting a string". Then: is it possible to find two elements for which the hash is the same?

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Enumerate the following from 1 to 4, being 1 the fastest to execute and 4 the slowest: - read cpu register - disk seek - context switch - read from main memory

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find a number in a sorted array and then find the number in an unsorted array ?They will unsort the array on their own .

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Given an array of integers [1,2,3,4]. and target t = 5. Come up with a solution that will print out all the unique pairs in the array that are equal t.

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There was no questions like "What would you do if..". It was more o fa free talk

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As I have signed confidentiality agreement I cant share interview questions. But it was pure technical interviews and very interesting. You have to be strong professional in your occupation to get an offer.

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