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Department of Education Philippines
Teacher, Elementary School was asked...21 October 2017

Where do you want to be assigned?

5 Answers

To the most convenient place to you as possible

I want to be assigned a remote area.

in a remote area but my mother don't want me there :(

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Oakland Unified School District

How do you create classroom culture? This is the type of question in which the administration is trying to ascertain that yu can handle a classroom of up to 34 Oakland children. The are trying to find out how you handle classroom expectations and protocols. This is a difficult thing to answer because even though you may say all the right things, the administration knows what you can really expect and does not willfully inform you of the realities a prep teacher will face. The questions keep coming about 'culturally appropriate' teaching and lowering your expectations, while at the same time they are trying to sell you and taking the job because they are desperate and there are not too many competent prospects.

4 Answers

I start by creating a class rules that are based on mutual respect. I also have lesson plans where students learn about different cultures and if there is someone of a different culture in the class I may have them show us something about their culture for example an Arabic student writing the Arabic alphabet. Less

My first step is to create class rules based on respect. This means that I'll create a class that welcomes diversity by having lessons and activities that teach about different cultures. Less

base class culture on mutual respect, welcome diversity with activities that expose kids to it and welcome it Less

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Aldine Independent School District

If I was pregnant.

3 Answers

That is an illegal question in an interview. WOW

Don't be surprise about what you see and hear in Aldine ISD. Most employees are unprofessional, particularly the ones working in the schools. Just plain rude, uneducated people. Less


Oakland Unified School District

What type of experience do you have with children.

3 Answers

I have done plenty individual tutoring, currently and in the past have been a class aide where I ran the class when the head teacher wasn't there and have been a program instructor to 15 students Less

one on one tutoring, class aide for regular/special ed, afterschool program instructor Less

10 yrs private tutoring in math/English for elementary students, 2 yrs as class aide: 1 yr regular ed & 1 yr special ed, program instructor in afterschool program all serving low-income youth Less

Canutillo Independent School District

What would you do if you heard a staff member speaking badly about another teacher, yourself, or a student in your classroom?

2 Answers

This was a difficult question, and I answered with well you never really know if they are just rumors but I would maybe ask the teacher to speak to me personally about it, and if anything were to get out of hand, I would like to bring the administration into the situation. Less

I would talk to the staff member, and outline some strategies they might use in discussing their concerns. I might offer some reasons for the staff member's behavior. Less


Are you familiar with TPR?

2 Answers

I have used TPR in my classroom many times.

Use body movement to teach learners.


What are you applying

2 Answers

Because it adds to my career path

For a job of teaching to students

Volusia County Schools

Describe how you would motivate and unmotivated yet intelligent student?

2 Answers

brainstormed as many strategies that I have actually used in the past. do not just repeat something learned in a book, college class or seminar. they will know and told me that much. Less

How air conditioning was invented. Someone was trying to make a machine to stop ink from smearing on printing presses in hot, humid summer days. The objective of the machine failed in stopping ink from smearing on printing press, however it cooled the room (bonus). Less

San Diego Unified School District

I do not recall specific questions from that interview but at Encinitas I sat before a panel of 12 people all with lots of questions that are fairly standard and a candidate would be wise to bone up on. College professors are a good resource for these type questions and now online too there are sources I am sure.

2 Answers

I did such a good job in Encinitas I beat out 36 candidates from the interview and performance evaluation but decided to stay in San Diego near my children as I was divorced. Less

What is the performane evaluation?

Collier County Public Schools

How do you incorporate the research from Robert Marzano and which domain do you see does is the most productive in the classroom?

2 Answers

Domain 2, keeping the students engaged. If students are not engaged, nothing else matters! Less

This is helpful, thanks so much! Were you interviewing for an elementary, middle, or high school position? Less

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