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Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments EDA/Applications/PDK/Engineer was asked...30 September 2021

Interview questions were from basic digital electronics, analog, Digital CMOS, C programming, and project-related questions.

Texas Instruments
EDA Engineer was asked...14 September 2021

multiplexers, sequence detectors, and counters

Texas Instruments

Questions on Multiplexers, mosfets, STA

Texas Instruments

Tell me in depth about Rc circuits


How would a professor describe you as a student?

1 Answers

Tough to answer because of online school, but I am a responsible student who turns all of my work in on time. I also actively listen and ask questions when I’m confused. Less

Texas Instruments

about counters, FSM, CMOS invertors

Texas Instruments
EDA Engineer was asked...10 September 2020

Input output characteristics of an RC low pass filter

Cadence Design Systems

Merge sort, Add 2 numbers in linked lists, Quick sort, atoi function

Cadence Design Systems

Alogorithms and data structures questions regarding linked list, array etc. questions in C++ concepts mostly in pointers.

Cadence Design Systems

How to insert/ delete elements in a linked list?

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