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if number of flowers in a garden doubles every day. garden became 100% full in day 100 in what day was the garden 50% full?

3 Answers

99'th day



dif between process and thread

1 Answer

Found the 2nd part challenging, technical was ok.

why do u want to work for IBM

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Interview technical questions: 1. Name OSI Layer order 2. Which layer is responsible for flow control 3. Parts of TCP header 4. List the step for TCP three-way handshake 5. Diffrence between TCP-UDP - name 2 protocols for each 6. What type of protocol are RIP/OSPF 7. Explaine DNS server 8. Command for DNS cache clear 9. What is host file used for 10. Parts of HTTP header 11. What does HEAD method do 12. Describe the role of an intermediate certificate in a certificate chain 13. What is CRS 14. What is 802.1q standard 15. What is NAT 16. Describe LB round robin 17. Basic sql command 18. What is subnet mask Interview support questions: 1. Describe the step for troubleshooting a problem 2. Describe the SSL connection handshake Dcribe SSH 3. You connect to Describe the process and what protocols you use

Difference between SAN and NAS , some questions about storage performance, disk offset, Vmware Storage Vmotion.

The laziest HR questions ever. How would you describe yourself, how would your friends describe you, what do you like most in your current workplace, and what do you dislike?

Give an example of a stellar customer service experience you have had. also, give an example of the opposite. Not unexpected but very relevant questions.

Bridge and torch puzzle

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