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Solution Consultant (Dublin) was asked...27 January 2013

You have three pots, one has red marbles, one has green marbles and the other has a mixture of red and green marbles. Each pot has a label indicating what colour marbles the pot should contain. The labels are on the wrong pots. You can not see what is in each pot. By only putting your hand into one of the pots and taking out a marble, determine the least number of marbles you need to take out of any of the pots to determine which label should be on which pot. (This was the brain teaser not explained properly)

3 Answers

2 things you know for sure: 1. all the labels are wrong 2. the 'mixed' pot is the only one that definitely contains one colour only Therefore, pick one marble from the 'mixed' pot. If it is green, take the label from the 'green' pot, and stick it on, then take the mixed label off and stick it on the red pot, take the red label off and stick it on the original 'green' pot. (If it's red then vice versa.) Less

You don't need to pick the mixed pot, just pick any pot. Take one from any pot (1st pot) and read its color. Get the label of that color from the 2nd pot, and put the original label to the 3rd pot. Then put the label of the 3rd pot to the 2nd pot. Less

Total Pots = 3 , Total Colours = 2 ===> (combinations 3c2 = 3), so you need to take out at least 3 marbles in order to identify the correct labels Less


What, in your opinion, it's the biggest challenge that your market faces?

2 Answers

It is misleading to answer the market-specific question with *global challenges*. Less

My answer supposed to be "Firstly, the global challenges are keep the innovations ongoing and to all costs keep the Facebook a positive experience to the public (otherwise people will leave, soon or later), and in my market particularly the innovations have to related with our cultural behavior, etc..."---This answer actually never happen because when I said "Firstly, the global challenges are", the recruiter just cut me in a very abrupt and rude way and said "I did not ask you that, I made a very particular question..."..you remember when you were a child and was told off??? I actually neither have memories of this kind of behavior when I was a child as I was always explained about things instead of screamed at... Could I put myself together after?? Not really...Should I have?? Yep.. I should have known better. Less


There wasn`t any difficult Questions only the fact that they asked you questions in the two interviews which already written on my CV and are the same questions all over again. Poor Communication in hiring Process

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Do not apply for this Company unless you wan`t to waste your time for nothing. There are far more better Gaming Companies to work for Less


steps to make an application

1 Answers

What kind of coding questions were asked in the test? What were the interview questions? Less


Basic competency questions , mostly hiring managers are so over worked that they do not have intimate knowledge of their processes in detail

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stick to basics , he or she interviewing you does not have a clue either. they go by the guy feeling of how confidently you answer. Less


These are some of the questions I remember, if I was asked a questioned I didn't know anything about he was happy to move on and gave me the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately for me I did this a few too many times. :( • Name Common port numbers and if they are UDP or TCP? • HTTP codes, name some and explain what they are? • What is and Explain MFT? • What is and explain DHCP? • Basic DHCP configuration? • What happens when a client makes a DHCP request, explain in detail? • Explain what happens in a TCP handshake? • Explain DNS and its main use? • What is sysprep? • Explain what a default gateway is? • What is the difference between a domain and a workgroup? • Active directory basic configuration? • What are the types of RAID and explain what each does? • What is the registry function?

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I barely got a few of these right and the answers I did give were very messy and unprofessional to say the least. It was a tad bit embarrassing but in my defence I knew all of that stuff when I first started in support many many years ago. I build and configure I don't analysis I wish I did but I just don't, so I was very rusty with these otherwise simple questions. Finally he asked me if I had any questions of my own which I did but there was really no point in asking them as at this stage it was a forgone conclusion I was not the type of engineer they were looking for, even though I know with a little training I could've been the exact type of engineer they're looking for, shame really I use to know all that stuff as it really is the basic stuff one learns when they first study Windows and network support. Less


What type of applications do you like

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Mailbox and others


"Hello, I just arrived but my host isn't there and I cannot reach them. It's raining, I'm tired and my bag is heavy, what shall I do?"

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What would be an appropriate answer for this one? I would advise him / her to get a cab to the nearest coffee shop. In the meantime I would try to contact the host and would request him / her to collect the guest and off course reimburse him / her of all expenses incurred due to his lack of punctuality. Less


Design an energy meter for a College Campus

1 Answers

Different for everybody and very much an experiential question

Dun & Bradstreet

The interviews involved competency based questions. Some of the questions: Tell me about a time when you had to implement a corporate change that met with resistance and how you managed that? Tell me about a time when you implemented a new process that met with resistance and how you managed that? What size network do you have???

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The only question I had difficulty answering was the network question. Although I have an excellent network this question implies they want me to try to rehire all my former placements into my next role. As a professional recruiter in a small town I wouldnt be comfortable doing that. Less

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