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Describe a time you turned an unpleasant situation into a good one

3 Answers

Gave a specific example from a previous job, where a furious customer got calmed down by me and than thanked me from the bottom of his heart


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Who would pay more for a click, a flower shop or an undertaker?

2 Answers

Why LinkedIn, why the rol, tell me about your previous rolls

3 Answers

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How are you different from the other team members in your current team?

1 Answer

How do you proof your closing capacity to software deals?

1 Answer

What are you passionate about? Okay, well sell it to me over what i like.

1 Answer

Tell me about a deal you closed that was value-based rather than price-based?

1 Answer

Why Qualtrics?

1 Answer

what is your native language and if I can work in English market

1 Answer

what are your 3 strengths?

1 Answer
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