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Director of Transportation was asked...18 January 2023

What makes a great leader?

Washington State Department of Transportation

1. Tell us about yourself and why are you applying for this project manager position? What makes you a good fit? What skills would you like to develop as you learn this new role? 2. Establishing effective relationships with both internal support groups and external stakeholders will help in the delivery of our projects. What does building and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial working relationships mean to you? Please provide us with an example of how you have built and maintained these relationships in the past. 3. As a Design Project Manager, you are responsible for every aspect of delivery for your assigned project(s). What will you do to ensure the successful delivery of your projects? Given the current remote working environment, how will you maintain your projects without the ability to interface directly with your team, support groups, and stakeholders? 4. This position will require you to lead a team of staff with diverse skills, personalities, and motivations. Tell us what good leadership looks like to you. Feel free to use examples from your work experiences or your personal life. 5. Give us an example of a disagreement you have had with a team member, supervisor, or external partner. How did you manage the conflict? What lessons from this situation will you apply moving forward? 6. You have just been informed that a project deliverable from a support group will be delayed and not turned in on time for submittal. What steps will you take to get the project back on track? What strategies did you implement to avoid this from happening again? 7. In this position, you will face situations that don't necessarily fit within WSDOT's Design Manual or published policies and procedures: What steps would you take in order to navigate this situation and find a solution? 8. This position can bring tremendous pressure at times. What is your approach to managing stress, both for yourself and those around you? 9. Describe a situation in which you made a mistake that impacted a project's budget or timeline. How did you manage the situation? What steps did you take to prevent it from happening again? 10. Like many teams within WSDOT, we have undergone significant changes over the last couple of years bringing in many folks with limited experience that will need our guidance to help them reach their potential. Please describe your experience, interest, and style with regard to mentoring and training staff.

CJ Logistics America

Can you please describe to me how your background relates to this position?

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Last 2013 to 2016 im working fo porkclip operator in taiwan r.o.c ,then last 2010 to 2012 im working on Saudi Arabia for porkclip operator/and delivery driver.. Less


What would you recommend we do to extend customer service through the B2C channel?

TC Energy

Tell me about a time where you experienced a missed deadline or delay in work. How did you resolve the situation?


There were no questions asked outside of walking them through my current job function.


There were no questions asked outside of walking them through my current job function.


Describe a project that you handle. What action you took why and what results they had.


1. Excel knowledge based test 2. Shipping related questions around parcel carriers 3. Tactical fulfillment questions to find solutions to work through volume issues

Fitzgerald & Halliday

Asked about experience with proposals, graphic software, project management, desired workload, reason for my move and experience with particular job hurdles.

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