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How would you design an alarm clock for people who are deaf and blind at the same time?

6 Answers

I proposed using water sprinklers or a bed that elevates the upper part to wake up its user

that's a good answer but there are some previous question that must be asked to extract the most information available. questions like: target age? what about people living those people? how they are going to set the alarm, etc. in other word don't assume anything

a vibrating alarm device creating a strong sensation to alert the person since their other sensory organs are sharper

Do you have family working here

2 Answers

They screen your LinkedIn if you have one, and will go into detail on university projects if you have done any. So make sure your LinkedIn is consistent with your CV and don't have anything on there that you don't want to be asked about.

2 Answers

Why did you leave your previous job?

2 Answers

Why u apply facebook job roll?

2 Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

What do you want to work for us in particular and not other big 4

1 Answer

How many computers would it take to run gmail.

2 Answers

How would you launch YouTube in Turkey?

2 Answers

How would a handle staff with great performance with low motivation.

2 Answers
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