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How would you design an alarm clock for people who are deaf and blind at the same time?

6 Answers

I proposed using water sprinklers or a bed that elevates the upper part to wake up its user

that's a good answer but there are some previous question that must be asked to extract the most information available. questions like: target age? what about people living those people? how they are going to set the alarm, etc. in other word don't assume anything

a vibrating alarm device creating a strong sensation to alert the person since their other sensory organs are sharper

How do you deal with unmotivated staff?

5 Answers

What would you do if customer contacts you and tells he can't pay for game right now but willing to pay in coming days

4 Answers

Do you know why I am interviewing with you? Normally I don't interview for your role.

3 Answers

Tell me something about you which isn't on your CV.

2 Answers

why was i suited to the role?

2 Answers

describe a time where you showed leader ship skills

2 Answers

When can you start?

2 Answers

Tell me about your content strategy.

2 Answers

A one minute introduction on yourself and a 3 minute presentation on a topic provided.

2 Answers
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