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Tata Motors
ITI (Diesel Mechanic) was asked...21 August 2016

what is 4 stroke cycle name?

2 Answers

saction,compreson ,power,and exast


US Army

How well am I with new people

2 Answers

I'm great with new people cause I see it as a new experience

For a 'wrench' I would feel more comfortable with that entire interview process described above if they did things like have you explain how a diesel engine works, and how new equipment differs from traditional style engines. People skills ARE important, but you need to know engines in your BONES, and things like lubrication, cooling, and fuel systems in your BLOOD, if you're going to be successful after you lift that engine hatch. Given that new-generation stuff also has electronic controls, well...the civilian trucking industry is also training and recruiting new talent on account that old mechanical-only-style diesels are going/gone down the road, and with them the mechanics that used to tend them. So, ARE you that mechanic? Less

CPB Contractors

how much experience do you have in the mining industry

2 Answers

8 years

10 years

Dick Irvin

Current drivers license.

1 Answers

Presenting my license.

Gardner Trucking

What was my work experience

1 Answers

I have worked at Payton truck repair for 4 years with on the job training

US Army

Do you have any felonies?

1 Answers


Do you have a tool box and tools?

1 Answers

Yes. I had what the job required.

Rush Enterprises

seeing that it was my first job when I got out of school they about grades and attendance

1 Answers

my GPA was a 2.97 and my attendance for 13 months was 97%

Truck Centers of Arkansas

A/C is not working in a truck, what is the first thing you check?

1 Answers

Freont levels.....


They asked what was I doing before I got in this trade.

1 Answers

I told them that I used to work for a solar panal factory.

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