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Do you want to work for a Start-up

1 Answer

yes, obviously. No one know your company

No unexpected questions, but they were checking enthusiasm for the company

1 Answer

General questions about about CV and background. Also some cognitive questions e.g. How many lawnmowers could you sell in one year if you had a monopoly?

Tell me about a time you solved a problem and the outcome put you in a difficult position

Tell me about a product that you don't like and what you would do to change it.

1 Answer

How would would you deal with a problem you encountered if you were alone in the office?

describe a difficult situation that you managed to resolve and how it had an impact etc etc. The questions asked where in all fairness very straight forward which you would expect for such a low paid job. It is basically a data processing centre job.

1 Answer

market specific stupid questions such as "give me an example of fast food chains in your country" "give me an example of the name of the highways in your city"

1 Answer

The job was described as dull and if I'm okay with it.

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