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Situational QUestion: How have you dealed with a custumer with a problem? Did you resolve the issue? etc..

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The question wasn't difficult, but I recommend prepare good examples before the interview

Give one example when you went the extra mile for a customer.

How you went above and beyond for a customer

Tell us about an occasion when someone did something nice to you.

Short summary of your relevant customer service experience and why you left Why yo want to join the company Your expectation / understanding of the role you applied for Example of an excellent experience of customer service that you delivered Example of a challenge customer: situation and how you handled It Example of a situation where you needed to learn or adapt to a new system / software / task Problem solving questions: when you maybe identify a issue and how you resolved It Conflict Management: A conflict with another team member. Situation and how did you deal with it.

1 Answer

Describe the most difficult situation where you handled successful, while dealing with customer?

Describe a situation where you could not deal very well with the customer, and how did you deal with it in the end?

Tell me a time when you had a challenging customer and how did you deal with him.

Give an example of the situation how you dealt with the difficult colleague.

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