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Customer Service REp was asked...3 April 2009

How many tennis balls are in this room and why?

14 Answers

Everybody is reading this question wrong. It doesn't say how many tennis balls CAN FILL this room. It says how many tennis balls are IN THIS ROOM and why. The question is probably meant to see if the candidate is actually fully paying attention to the questions (unlike everybody who has answered it here). It is a trick. I would gather to say that there are NO tennis balls in the room...and why? Because it is an office, not a tennis court. Less

Hi wildfiresg, Maybe you should ask the interviewer to show the insides of his pockets? You never know, maybe there is a tennis ball in there! Less

I think wildiresg is the only one above who's really paying attention (which is CRITICAL in an interview) - give him the job!! And Igor makes a very good but funny point....the candidate should also ask to check any drawers, boxes or closets in the room!!! Less

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Why is a man hole cover round?

9 Answers

There are a few answers that would qualify as "correct", but I suspect this question won't be making the rounds much longer as this is becoming the stereotypical case example question which is meant to "see how you think". A circular manhole cover can never fall into the hole, as a square cover could by turning it on a diagonal, for example. Also, a worker can easily roll the cover without every having to lift it. Less

In addition to Adam's answers, they are also round because they will fit on the manhole regardless of which way you put them on. Less

The real reason manhole covers are round is because the manhole is round. It certainly wouldn't do to put a square cover on a round hole. (However, that's likely not the answer they are looking for.) Less

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Carry Telecom

Are you available on weekends?

5 Answers

Yes i am available.

Yes .. I will be available on weekends

Yes ... I will be available on weekends.

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Sun Life

Are you a detailed oriented or "big picture" type of person?

5 Answers

Big picture

big picture

Am very detailed oriented too

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Red Hat

Why Red Hat?

4 Answers

Red heart is designed to provide a secured environment for the researchers to collect and store sensitive information for the team . Less

Red heart also indicate love and 14th of February is valentine day

Red hat is a standard company I trust with full understanding of human resources management and employees apprisal Less

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How much customer experience did I have?

3 Answers

Over 20 + years of experience working on customer excellence making sure products and services were 1st quality and the customer experience was a memorable one. Less

As of now I don't have any experience.

As of now I don't have any experience.

IBEX Global

Do you have any previous retail experience?

3 Answers

Yes, I have a previous retail experience which Is one year ago in summer.


Yes I do have some sales experience.

Air Canada

How I I dealt with difficult customer

3 Answers

Hi, were those 3 exams GIA, PPA, and IQ?

How long after the interview did they call you? Or did they send you an email? It’s been a week since my face to face and I had to do my 3 exams yesterday Less

I answered the question of my previous difficult situation with customer

How do you perform under pressure?

2 Answers

As long as I've been on the phones after a while you don't get flustered or feel pressure. Less

Pressure is always there...preparation and confidence are how you can successfully perform under pressure. Less

Air Canada

What was a time when you made a mistake on the job, and how did you fixed it? What did you learn about that experience?

2 Answers

Hi when they called you and said you were selected, how long after that took them to send you the offer by email? Less

Hey! They called me on March 28th and I received the offer letter the next day on march 29th via email! I start training on April 30th! Less

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