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Henry Schein
Director, Customer Services & Technical Support Call Center Operations (Software) was asked...12 March 2016

“What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?”

2 Answers

A manager gives orders, tells you what needs to be done and manages your progress where as a leader inspires, nurtures your strengths, and assist you in improving your weaknesses Less

A manager gives orders, tells you what needs to be done and manages your progress where as a leader inspires, nurtures your strengths, and assist you in improving your weaknesses Less


Tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

How would you cope with the pace of the company?

Langoor Digital

About past experience, how will i contribute to this company

1 Answers

Gave examples and spoke about my ambitions

U.S. General Services Administration

What do you find as the most difficult challenge facing a Government Manager today?

1 Answers

As a mid-level manager, I recognize there is more teleworking occurring which increases the difficulty of holding individuals accountable. As more virtual employment occurs the more difficult management will have to keep employees engaged and motivated. Even more, as budget are shrinking it becomes that much harder for managers to regularly engage with there staff. Less


What would your boss say are your weaknesses?

1 Answers

The in-person interviewer grossly misinterpreted my answer and proceeded to grill me about my 'weakness' (I said I struggle not taking criticism personally which he took as 'you take criticism personally and you're an emotional woman'), outlining all the reasons I wasn't a good fit for the job because of this one answer. Less


Provide examples of blending cultures in a global work environment

1 Answers

This company recently opened the first US location and has struggled to blend the European work model and the US work culture. They told me they wanted someone that could work to blend the European culture with the US culture and I gave them multiple examples of doing so in my work history. In the end, they do not appear to want this quality. They appear to be looking for a clone of what they have now in a US citizen. I do not fully believe this company knows what it wants or that they have much (if any) respect for the US workers. This is noted in multiple reviews I have read on Egger and it will continue to be a problem until they are ready to integrate the US culture into Egger. All of the upper management I met with, outside of local HR, were non-US citizens managing from other countries. Less


Asked what my salary requirements were. Told them, and they said I was in range. This was followed with a panel interview for 1.5 hours...With many of the standard questions answered.

1 Answers

In my opinion, the HR dept is VERY unprofessional. After all those phone interviews, on site interview, follow up thank you letters etc...They never even reached out to say they "might" have gone in another direction. I even followed up with a polite voice mail. These voice mails were never returned! Do not really care that I didn't get the job, but I note this review to warn others. It is extremely unprofessional to never follow up with a finalist candidate. Very negative insight to their practices. Run, don't walk away! Less

Le Tote

What do you think customer support is, bro?

1 Answers

I think customer support is doing the heavy lifting for the customer, proactively eliminating pain points, funneling customer feedback to the company, and presenting a friendly personality to customers. Less


Führungsverantwortung und Prozessoptimierung im Bereich B2C und B2B Kundenservice sowie lokalen und zentralisiertem Support.

1 Answers

Ausführung zu meiner Erfahrung und wie ich dem Unternehmen helfen könnte.


What examples of driving change through action can you provide us?

1 Answers

Described at length working to integrate multiple CS teams through an acquisition, building a 'One Team' environment, and then leading the projects to move the workload to an India Shared Service Center. Less

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