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No difficult questions, Actually it was kind a boring at one stage

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There is a HUGE focus on a short term solutions. they clearly came to Ireland to maximise their cash flow! if you are looking for a career progression or a clear work/life balance this is not the right company for you I met the Director from NY and for 40 min he didn't mention anything about the team building or the career progression or what's the clear strategic plans the organisation is willing to endorse to look after their asset number 1 which is the employees. Just talking I am, I or our customers bla bla He didn't answer any of my questions clearly and precisely when I asked him about the position career growth plan, or how he will look at the team building knowing that they are opening a new office in Dublin, or how the information flow goes between department. Or how the intend de deliver a word class customer service with a company employing 200 employees since 1999 and most of them are VP's, VVP's SVP's and directors and many other questions that either i didn't get an answer or the answer was not what I was waiting for

Previous experience in customer service

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They asked me several times about how I felt working with deadlines and how would I react if I find some challenge I don't know how to deal with.

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What are your weakness's

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I cannot remember that there were any really tricky questions. You just have to be prepared: tell about your experiences who are relevant for this job and show that you can deal with difficult customers. I also had to do a small easy dutch language test.

Why should i hire you rather than one of your competitors

How would you describe your ability to work as part of a team.

Why am I looking to rejoin the insurance industry (NV - personally relevant, as I have been working in events for a period of years since my previous expereince).

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Why are you interested in joining Chill? (not verbatium)

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